“YOU” season three preview: a look into the series newest installment

The newest season of the Netflix series YOU is out, and the story is even crazier than before.

The newest season of the Netflix series “YOU” is out, and the story is even crazier than before.

Jeshua Glover

Season three of the popular Netflix thriller “YOU” airs Oct. 15. The newest season follows Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) as they tackle marriage and parenthood.

The new season looks to add a different dimension to the young adult serial killer format that has made the show so popular—pushing the main characters into the traditional family unit, as so many young adults find themselves either newly in or being pressured to be in.

Joe returns as the 21st century Norman Bates/Ted Bundy type, paired with Love, his equally deranged and unhinged lover. Even with a baby in the mix, it seems that the pair continue asserting their murderous will on members of society that they see as obstacles. 

In the earlier trailers, it looks as if the addition of a baby will motivate the pair to do better and place a higher value on human life. The pair is shown struggling with common marriage issues: infidelity, baby stress, communication issues, etc. The couple attends marriage counseling to resolve these issues, and they look at the cage where they used to hold people and agree that this life is behind them. The early trailers and promos still have an eerie hint of their past activities leaking into their “new” life.

The most recent trailer takes off the training wheels, showing their traditional family unit being completely consumed by their uncontrollable urges. It gets to the point where the pair can be seen burying a body with their infant child no more than six feet away. Even more concerning, the child seems to be smiling at the end of the trailer. “YOU” season three looks to be another great addition to the series and features many new characters.