Student Government looks to modify a bill relating to adviser position Wednesday


The Student Government Senate listening to Senate nominees declare how they would best represent their constituents Sept. 8.

Charles Klepps

The Iowa State Student Government will look to make changes to a bill involving the primary Student Government adviser and the Supreme Court advisers at their meeting Wednesday.

These changes will be made to Chapter six of the bylaws due to the fact that large portions are irrelevant to the current operations of Student Government.

Some of the primary duties for the Student Government adviser include arranging appointments with Student Government members, advising the cabinet and other committees, attending Senate meetings and acting as a liaison with the Iowa State administration when a non-student spokesperson is needed.

Duties for the Supreme Court advisers are advising members of the Supreme Court, working with the Chief Justice to establish an effective training program and maintaining confidentiality when advice is sought.

The bill stated the majority of seated justices will select an adviser from either the administration or faculty. The term will extend until a new adviser is selected by the supreme court.

The Senate will also look at a bill approving a new adviser contract with Student Engagement. The contract will be four months and would provide a temporary solution for the ISU AfterDark organization not having an adviser currently.

Student Government will also look at two bills dealing with funding. One bill addresses the Student Government Diversity and Inclusion Committee hosting an event for multicultural and international students.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee wants to buy food for the event as an incentive for their attendance. Their goal is $54 transferred from the special projects account.

The other bill dealing with funding refers to the Women’s Hockey Club. The club did not receive any of their funds from the annual allocations process, therefore, $7,373.07 is being asked for transfer from the special projects account.

The Student Government Senate meets at 6 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room at the Memorial Union.