The Try Guys: the Youtube sensation is trying out television

The Try Guys have taken their Youtube talents and are moving over to the medium of television.

The Try Guys have taken their Youtube talents and are moving over to the medium of television.

Julie Nagel

Back in 2014, BuzzFeed Video uploaded a video online entitled “Guys Try On Ladies’ Underwear For The First Time”, in which four male BuzzFeed workers tried on ladies underwear. This video, which has gained over 22 million views on YouTube, would be the start of a new era for the four stars of the video. 

After the success of their first few videos, the group, made up of Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld and Ned Fulmer, became known by millions as The Try Guys, a comedy troupe that has tried everything from drag performing to labor simulations to competing against Olympians.

After making several more successful videos over the span of four years for BuzzFeed, the four coworkers turned best friends decided to make the jump to start their own independent entertainment company, 2nd Try, LLC. Leaving BuzzFeed to start their own YouTube channel in 2018, the guys began building their own company in Fulmer’s old house. “We can now be truly, unabashedly, wholly ourselves.” Eugene Lee Yang said in the video “Why We Started Our Own Company.”

Starting from 16,000 subscribers in the first hour and a half of their independent channel launch to over 7.5 million subscribers globally today, the guys have brought humor to even their more educational series. 

In one of the first series launched on their channel, “The Try Guys DUI Series”, the guys tested the difference in driving around a driving course they set up with obstacles (including a dog on a skateboard and cardboard cutouts of themselves) to highlight the difference between driving sober, drunk, high, sleep-deprived and while texting. 

“We’re doing this specifically to show you why you shouldn’t do this.” Keith Habersberger said in “The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving” video on their channel. The series amassed more than 33 million views over four videos.

The love from their fans isn’t the only attention their channel is getting. Earlier this year, The Try Guys announced that their popular cooking show, “Without A Recipe” had garnered attention from Food Network. 

“The Try Guys bring with them an incredible energy and extraordinary sense of humor, that is irresistible paired with their devil may care attitude as they live up to their Try Guys name in the challenges and adventures they try and take on,” Courtney White, President of Food Network stated on Discovery’s corporate website. 

In an exclusive published by Variety on September 9th, it was announced that a six episode series entitled “No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys” was green-lit by the network. According to the article, the series will focus on the guys travelling throughout the country attempting to make popular local dishes without any recipes or guidance.

In addition to the videos uploaded to their channel twice a week, The Try Guys also have a documentary entitled “Behind The Try” released in 2020, a New York Times Bestseller “The Hidden Power of F*cking Up”, a Podcast channel, “The TryPod” and a merchandise line. 

Some of the guys also have independent businesses as well, Keith Habersberger has a line of hot sauces, Zach Kornfeld has his Zadiko Tea Company and Ned Fulmer, along with his wife, Ariel, have “The Date Night Cookbook” in stores on September 28, all of which can be found on their website at