Mental Health Check-In at Iowa State


According to Iowa State students, college can easily affect your mental health.

Kaitlyn Richardson

Mental Health is something that affects some students on campus every day. Some students have been finding this situation to be intensified with the new semester, increasing COVID-19 cases and recurring sexual assault accusations.

“I’ve had my fair share of anxiety and panic attacks when confronting the daunting idea of what I’m supposed to do with my life after college,” said Hannah Perry, junior majoring in English. “The world shutting down due to the pandemic only made things worse and I was forced to re-evaluate everything.”

According to an article by Mental Health America, titled “Life on Campus,” the transition to campus life on its own is enough to leave some students stressed.

“Living in a new environment outside the familiarity of home can create overwhelming and stressful circumstances,” the article states.

For Maris Cameron freshman majoring in journalism and mass communications, this statement holds true.

“Transferring from a rural town to a large university like Iowa State was quite the adjustment for me,” Cameron said.

Despite these challenges, students are finding ways to help decrease the stress and anxiety that comes along with this semester. Mental Health America goes on to discuss the importance of recognizing the stress you are experiencing.

“College students can greatly benefit from understanding that a certain amount of stress is normal, but that too much stress can be unhealthy and unproductive,” the article stated. “Knowing the signs of stress, it’s causes and how to manage it can be a great tool in promoting and preserving good mental health.”

For Cameron, she found some specific aspects of campus beneficial.

“I have to remember that everyone feels they are alone and out of place from time to time,” Cameron said. “As for advice, I’d say that making group chats with your classmates always helps with collaborating on homework. Stay positive and if you get stressed out remember that you can eat some gelato at the MU.”

More information on mental health resources at Iowa State can be found here.