“One of Us is Lying”: the newest book adaptation to hit the screens

One of Us is Lying is the newest book to television adaptation and is giving some changes to the original novel.

“One of Us is Lying” is the newest book to television adaptation and is giving some changes to the original novel.

Monroe Brackey

“One of Us is Lying” is a book to film adaptation that Peacock TV has picked up. Peacock officially released the trailer a week ago on their YouTube channel. 

“One of Us is Lying” is originally a book written by Karen M. McMannus, a murder mystery writer that continuously writes in the genre. “One of Us is Lying” is a book staged in high school. Five characters end up in detention but only four walk out alive. The rest of the book exposes secrets about the characters and who could possibly be the murderer of the character Simon.

In the comments section you see fans excited yet pointing out some changes the production company has made that are different from the book itself. While readers are excited for the show in general, they are showing some concerns about what the characters look like compared to the book.

“The actor who is playing Simon is how I imagined Nate looking like (minus the clothes), and the actor who is playing Nate is how I imagined Cooper looked like (with shorter hair). Addy is the only character who looks like how the book describes her,” one commenter says.

“I really hope they stay true to the book. I’m very excited for this show, the characters are not really book accurate but it’s fine,” another commenter stated.

As someone that read the book, I’m super excited for the TV show to come out and am interested in how the producers will portray the writing, the storyline and the mystery.

The official “One of Us is Lying” page is here, with a Peacock subscription, where you can access the show starting October 7th.

If you interested in reading the book before the series comes out, you can find it on Goodreads.