New streaming releases for fall 2021


With the fall season rearing its head, everything is beginning to change. Not only is pumpkin spice now a regular in our drink orders, but TV and movies are changing up, and new releases are coming not only to the theaters but to streaming services as well. 

Hannah Scott

With the fall season rearing its head, everything is beginning to change. Not only is pumpkin spice now a regular in our drink orders, but TV and movies are changing up, and new releases are coming not only to the theaters but to streaming services as well. 

With the new school year beginning and things slowly beginning to get into a routine, it can be nice to know what new items will be popping up on your home pages. Oftentimes streaming services can have so many options that it can almost feel impossible to pick anything.

Choosing what to watch doesn’t have to be stressful and instead can be made easier when you know the options available to you early. If you are getting ready for a new season and are looking for new things to watch, this list will give you all the important details.

Whether you like rom-coms or horror, there will be something new and exciting for you to start your next streaming session.

New Streaming Fall Releases


“He’s All That”

If you are somebody who loves a cheesy, romantic comedy, then “He’s All That” will be an absolute goldmine. Acting as a re-telling of the original movie “She’s All That,” this film creates new fun storylines that will have you laughing but also feeling many emotions. If you are looking for something to stream on a Sunday afternoon with friends, this new Addison Rae film will give you exactly what you are looking for.

“Titletown High”

A TV show for those who love high school drama, “Titletown High,” is returning for a new season and tells the story of a high school football team and all of the scandals, romance and rivalries that ensue. This show will give you something that you can pay attention to or throw on in the background. Either way, the new season will hopefully give you some easy entertainment.

“Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal and Greed”

Almost everybody has grown to love Bob Ross and know him as the soft-spoken and fun painter who always believed that everybody could have a hand in making art. However, this new documentary shows a side to the business that currently handles his affairs and will give you more information into how his name is still being used and carried on today.


“The Hate U Give”

Based on a true story, “The Hate U Give” tells the story of Starr Carter, a young Black woman who is struggling to live her life going to a prep school while living in a poor and rough neighborhood. Often feeling as though she has to be two completely different people to make it by her life is made even more difficult when she witnesses a murder by the police. This story covers difficult topics of race and policing but sends an important message.

“We Broke Up”

A new breakup comedy, this film tells the story of a couple heading to a wedding together even though they have already decided to break up. They don’t want to make it a problem, and so a series of uncomfortable and tricky situations occur as they try to keep the secret while at the event. If you are somebody who has just recently gotten out of a relationship or has ever been in one, somewhere in here, there will be something for you to be entertained by or relate to.

“The Skeleton Twins”

Starring Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, this film follows a pair of siblings who heavily struggle with their mental health. Originally estranged, an odd situation pulls them together and ultimately forces them to have the tough breakdown of their relationship they have been avoiding. This is a more serious film but a great choice if you love a character piece or a drama.



The newest reboot from Disney tells the origin story of the prolific villain Cruella De Ville. While everyone knows her from “101 Dalmatians,” in this film, Emma Stone gives a more in-depth look into why this character ended up the way she did. Cruella gives a slightly more dark and mature take on this character’s story and is certainly an interesting watch.

“Mrs. Doubtfire”

A classic film, “Mrs. Doubtfire,” is a lovable but sometimes sad story about a father who ends up losing custody of his children and goes to extreme lengths to spend time with them. Robin Williams does an incredible job and shows the depth of emotions and struggles that parents and families often go through.


A film based on an older TV series, “Underdog,” is the retelling of a story about a dog who ends up becoming somewhat of a superhero. Although this movie is quite silly, it can still be a fun watch if you just need something to throw on during the day.

Everyone needs some downtime every once in a while, and what better way to spend your free time than watching a new movie or starting a new show. While it may seem like there are often way too many options, this list will give you just enough of a starting place to find your next best entertainment.