Galloway: How to lessen joint pain


Columnist Noah Galloway discusses ways to reduce joint pain and inflammation through regular exercise and healthy eating.

Noah Galloway

Approximately 54 million people suffer from arthritis every year, which is about 23 percent of the country’s population. It’s a big problem in this country and usually is paired with diabetes, heart disease or obesity. Diet is an obvious factor, and eating clean can solve many of these issues, or at least the severity the person experiences discomfort. I’ll discuss useful supplements, anti-inflammatory food and low-impact exercise. These habits can greatly reduce overall pain and discomfort with joints.

1. Supplements

Tart cherry juice is a good option to lessen inflammation and aid with arthritis pain. It has been shown to help with recovery after exercise by reducing swelling and boosting immunity. Attached is a more in-depth article detailing the benefits of tart cherry juice. Ginger and turmeric are both very powerful herbs with anti-inflammatory qualities. They can be found in supplement form, but I prefer to find tea that includes both herbs, and it’s easy to find at a grocery store. Trader Joe’s has a phenomenal ginger and turmeric tea. I always recommend choosing natural home remedies for joint issues. I would highly encourage you all to check out this article detailing 23 options for arthritis pain relief.  

2. Food

Let’s transition to some of the best available foods for reducing inflammation. Some of my favorites are berries, fatty fish, avocados and broccoli. I won’t go super in depth, but Healthline has a great article that dives into the best foods for people who suffer from joint issues. I’ve read that people should avoid a diet that includes meals they hate and foods they love. Foods that are a turn off will only make the person want to binge, and the foods that you love will be so hard to stop eating. The best route is finding a diet you like because that is the only way to achieve long-term, sustainable health. 

3. Exercise 

There are many different options for selecting a workout that is vigorous but isn’t too hard on the joints. Swimming, yoga and the elliptical machine are some of the best options for low-impact exercise. Yoga is the simplest and most efficient use of money and time. All that is required is a mat and YouTube. A couple of favorite yoga Youtubers are Sean Vigue and Boho Beautiful, and you can follow the routine in their videos. Swimming is a great way to lose the weight that is likely causing the joint issues in the first place and is a full-body workout. The elliptical is another low-impact, full-body exercise that burns a lot of calories with virtually no impact. Cycling is an alternative, which primarily works the legs muscles and is another excellent option. These are all great options to successfully work out without worrying about arthritis interfering with overall health. 

Considering nearly one-fourth of all Americans suffer from joint discomfort to some extent, it’s wise to implement some of these healthy habits in the long term. In my experience, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. I think if people realized how good it feels to be fit and strong, it makes the daily sacrifice worth it. Joint pain will keep you from being active with sports and other athletics. Having the chance to keep playing the sports you love later in life will increase overall happiness and well-being. As always, please reach out with further questions.