Student Resources: LGBTQIA+, multicultural and international

The Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success is a place on campus for all LGBTQIA+ students.

Ashley Tibbs

LGBTQIA+ students


The Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success at Iowa State helps LGBTQIA+ students succeed in academics, community, leadership and their personal lives.


Their website includes a list of education, campus, health and wellness, financial aid and scholarship resources for LGBTQIA+ students. 


There is also a section specifically for new students that has a guide on the application process, housing for LGBTQIA+ students and building a community here at Iowa State. A list of LGBTQIA+ student organizations and special interests, such as the Pride Alliance and The College of Veterinary Medicine Spectrum, is available on the Center’s website under the “Get Involved” tab.  


The Center’s physical space, with a lounge, computer lab and a wellness room, is located in the Memorial Union and is generally open to all students during the day.


Multicultural and international students

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) provides support and resources for “students who self-identify as African American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Latinx, Native American/Alaskan Native and/or Multiracial.” 


The MSA offers two cultural centers: the Black Cultural Center at 517 Welch Ave. and the Multicultural Center on the second floor of the Memorial Union. Students can visit, utilize the space for a number of activities and build a community. 


The MSA has resources available for students to meet with staff members, request funding for a tutor and apply for several scholarships and funding opportunities. 


Visit the MSA’s website to learn more. 


International students

Iowa State also hosts the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO), which provides student advisers and resources for international students. The ISSO is located in Room 3241 of the Memorial Union. 


The ISSO provides International Student Advisers (ISA) that assist international students at Iowa State with maintaining their immigration status and U.S. employment as well as support with personal concerns, including financial, cultural and social concerns. 


Their website also has a list of information for both F-1 and J-1 students. 


ISSO awards several scholarships to students who have demonstrated financial need, which are available on its website, and has a list of additional resources available to international students and scholars. It provides a worksheet to help with expenses during students’ time at school and a guide to avoiding scams. 


ISSO can help international students fill out an invitation letter so family and friends can visit them in the U.S. as well as assist with any tax concerns. 


Visit the ISSO website for more information.