Galloway: Hair health: Four things to keep in mind


Columnist Noah Galloway details four tips for creating better hair growth and avoiding damage or breakage. 

Noah Galloway

There’s always a guy who is making a valiant effort in trying to hang on to his hair. In many instances, he would look much better shaving it all off. The first man I think of is LeBron James, who has been trying to hold on to his hair for nearly a decade. We had a glimpse of bald LeBron following the NBA Finals in 2017, and he looked great! Then, he proceeded to return to his hair, and occasionally it looks great, but most of the time it is quite patchy. Here are some ways in which you can stave off hair loss and improve overall hair health.

1. Hair masks

You can apply 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your hair for 30 minutes before taking a shower. Then, rinse your hair out with shampoo and lukewarm water. Read more about the benefits in this article. Other options may include egg yolks, aloe vera and olive oil.

2. Be gentle with hair

This might include buying a wide-tooth comb so there isn’t breakage from the hair roots while combing your hair. Avoid combing until your hair is completely dry to avoid damaging the roots. Vigorously rubbing wet hair with a towel may be damaging, and using a T-shirt for drying purposes is less harmful to the hair. Cotton pillowcases aren’t necessarily the greatest for hair care, and a silk pillowcase is a better option. Being gentle with hair includes using shampoo and conditioner every other day. Using shampoo every day can dry out the hair and will decrease the health of the follicles. Another hair myth is that wearing a hat will make you go bald, and this is not true.

3. Nutrition and exercise

Consuming plenty of protein is paramount for healthy hair, considering hair follicles are primarily made of a protein called keratin. Attached is an article detailing the necessary supplements to take to stave off hair loss. This goes without saying, but avoiding processed foods and having a well-balanced diet is important for hair and overall health. Working out increases blood flow and circulation, which allows nutrients and oxygen to reach the scalp. Exercise is another obvious tip, but I feel it should be mentioned.

4. Addressing genetics and stress

It’s important to note that genetics and stress play a huge part in this process of keeping hair clean. A popular myth is that hair loss for women is passed down from the father’s side and hair loss for men is passed down from the mother’s side. This is not true; hair loss is passed down from both sides of the family. If you don’t have good genetics, focusing on the first three tips will help your hair reach its potential. Stress can and will negatively affect the body in many ways, including hair loss. Yoga is something people can do to help remedy this situation. Yoga is phenomenal for reducing tension and anxiety.

Genetics play a big role in hair loss, but there are many things a person can do to combat the inheritance of bad hair. I didn’t spend much time on diet and exercise because it’s self-explanatory that low-quality food will affect your hair health. Being gentle with hair and utilizing the benefits of healthy oils may be helpful. Making deliberate choices on the frequency of using shampoo and conditioner is important as well. I hope this piece is useful; please reach out if something in the article is unclear or if you have any further questions.