Student resources: financial aid, career services and student assistance

The Office of Student Financial Aid is located in Beardshear Hall on Morrill Road. 

Ashley Tibbs

Financial aid 

Many students who apply to Iowa State need assistance funding their tuition. New students should have their financial plan ready before they start attending classes. This means making sure students understand their financial aid offer, know their estimated expenses to attend school and how much they have to pay after financial aid and loans. Students can schedule an advising appointment with the Office of Student Financial Aid through ISU Appointments in AccessPlus if they need help planning for the fall and understanding their financial aid offer.


Students need to be enrolled at least half-time (5.5 credits or more) during the semester to remain eligible for their financial aid. Students also need to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements to avoid suspension of their financial aid. These are:


  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

  • Completing coursework at a cumulative rate of 67 percent 

  • Staying below the maximum time frame of their education program (Federal financial aid is limited at 150 percent of a student’s education program)


The Office of Student Financial Aid has a list that breaks down each type of financial aid: grants, loans, scholarships and employment. 


They also provide resources for understanding student loans, and students can schedule appointments to receive assistance with managing their loans. Students may also request help navigating the process of filing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which must be filed by Dec. 20 to be considered for priority aid. 


Additionally, its website has a list of resources available to students, including a list of FAQs and a page with common terms and acronyms in financial aid discussions. 


Students who are work-study eligible should consider finding a job on campus. Students can work for many places on campus, including ISU Dining and the Department of Residence. The Student Job Board on AccessPlus has a list of jobs available, both on campus and in Ames, for different categories, such as child care or office jobs. 


Most students who arrive at Iowa State could use help navigating student finances. The Office of Student Financial Success is located in Beardshear Hall and provides one-on-one advising for students who need assistance, a blog with posts detailing many different aspects of finances and several pages with other resources. 


Career services 


Iowa State’s Career Services is a range of programs and services dedicated to providing resources for the campus community. These include “career exploration, career development, experiential learning and professional career search assistance programs.” 


Each college at Iowa State has its own Career Services Office, with each providing a variety of services and resources. Find your college’s career service’s website to see what it offers. 


Student Assistance

The Office of Student Assistance guides and supports students through difficult or complex situations while enrolled in school. These include hospitalizations, mental health concerns, the death of a loved one, medical emergencies, academic concerns and other unexpected events. Student Assistance staff can also help students navigate the academic grievance process. 


In each case, the staff at Student Assistance will work closely with the student to support them and help them continue to succeed at Iowa State. Students who are concerned about other students can also reach out to Student Assistance to receive resources and support. 


For questions or concerns, students can reach the Office of Student Assistance at [email protected] or call 515-294-1020 to schedule an appointment. Student Assistance is located in the Student Services Building on Union Drive, near the Union Drive Community Center.