Volunteers sought for Ames Climate Action Plan committee


The City of Ames is seeking volunteers for a Climate Action Plan committee.

Logan Metzger

As part of the process of developing a community-wide Climate Action Plan (CAP), the City of Ames sent out a press release on Wednesday.

The press release stated that Ames Mayor John Haila is seeking citizen applications for the newly established CAP Supplemental Input Committee. The committee will include representatives from a dozen community sectors including education, healthcare, business, faith-based and non-profit representation. There will be three additional representatives from Iowa State University, with two appointed by ISU administration and one appointed by ISU Student Government.

“Developing a successful, implementable Ames CAP requires a robust, inclusive community input process to encourage participation from every citizen who wants to be involved. We are seeking all voices to participate in this group and especially those who haven’t been involved in past City projects,” said Assistant City Manager Deb Schildroth, who serves as the Ames CAP project manager, according to the press release.

An online application is available on the City of Ames’ website, or a paper copy can be requested by calling the City Manager’s Office at 515-239-5101. According to the press release, applicants for the committee must be residents of Ames. 

The application process will remain open through Friday, July 23.

The City of Ames’ website states that the Ames City Council and the City of Ames, as an organization, is committed to becoming more sustainable, promoting conservation, and encouraging renewable energy within the community. One section of this was the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory, a community-wide baseline for carbon emissions, which was completed in 2020. According to the press release, the next step is creating a CAP, “which serves as a detailed and strategic framework for reducing GHG emissions and related climatic impacts.”

According to the press release, the Ames CAP will establish “relevant, achievable and cost-effective strategies” to achieve reduction goals within a reasonable timeline as well as “designate milestone reduction achievements along the timeline and specify metrics to track and measure progress.”

As part of setting up a CAP, City staff is working with the Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) to develop a customized CAP for Ames. In addition to the Supplemental Input Committee, there will be many other opportunities for public comments during the 18-month plan development as part of the community engagement process.

According to the press release, appointments to the Supplemental Input Committee will follow the same process as applicants who seek to serve on City Boards and Commissions. Applications will be forwarded to the Mayor for appointment, and the slate of candidates will be approved by the City Council.

“A growing number of citizens have expressed the importance of conserving natural resources, exploring renewable energy, promoting multi-modal transportation and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels,” Schildroth said, according to the press release. “The CAP process is designed to engage and empower residents, businesses and institutions toward ownership and responsibility in ensuring a sustainable future. This plan will provide direction as we move forward.”

The GHG Inventory, climate vulnerability report, renewable energy potentials study and CAP updates are available on the City of Ames’ website.