Seven podcasts you need in your life


Find a podcast for you to listen to while roadtripping this summer.

Megan Lenzi

Whether you’re out for a walk, a long drive or just chilling at home, you may find yourself looking for the right podcast. Podcasts help pass time and leave you feeling inspired, and you might even learn something new. As you relax and unwind this summer, here are a few podcasts that are worth a listen. 

“The College Info Geek”

Bombed last semester’s grades? Listen to Thomas Frank give advice on how to study effectively, earn better grades and pay off your student loans. To make things even more appealing, Frank is an Iowa State University alumnus and boasts 2.25 million subscribers on YouTube. He’s known for his unique study techniques and productivity hacks. You can find all 300 episodes on popular podcast platforms.

“The Skinny Confidential”

Whether you’re in need of a wellness check, relationship advice or business help, the dynamic entrepreneurial duo of Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick are here to guide you. Their interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, experts and thought leaders ultimately lead to the goal of helping you live your best life. It’s conveniently located on eight different podcast platforms, so you can listen to a raw and unfiltered convo wherever you go!

“Crime Junkie”

Dreary Mondays don’t exist anymore. If you love all things crime and mystery, look no further than the “Crime Junkie” podcast. Hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit talk true crime cases anywhere from serial killers to missing people. Each Monday, a crime is uncovered and an episode is released, available wherever you listen to all your favorite podcasts. 

“Bad With Money”

Struggling to pay off college debt or your next rent check? New York Times best-selling author and comedian Gaby Dunn shares her authentic, radical point of view with financial field experts. Dunn gives practical financial advice with the help of experts and is transparent about the reality of money and financial situations. Listen on your approved podcast platforms. 

“The Read”

Bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle navigate their life in New York City and discuss all things pop culture. No celeb is safe with these hosts, except Beyoncé, of course. If you love a mix of humor and gossip, this is the right podcast for you. “The Read” is part of the Loud Speakers Network and can be found on all podcast apps for new episodes weekly.

“Tiny Leaps, Big Changes”

Want to achieve your biggest life goals in simple steps? Host Gregg Clunis teaches daily strategies to lead you to the life of your dreams. Anyone can benefit from changing daily behaviors and habits in order to increase personal development. If you have a short attention span or find yourself too busy for an hour-long podcast, Clunis typically covers topics in less than 30 minutes on your favorite podcast apps. 

“Ted Talks Daily”

Grow your knowledge across every subject daily. Listen to the latest Ted Talks in an audio format, hosted by journalist Elise Hu. Get your brain thinking, develop new perspectives and spark your curiosity with these inspiring stories. New podcast episodes are out every weekday across popular podcast platforms. 

Between these seven different podcasts, you will definitely find one to entertain or advise you on certain topics. Happy listening!