Poyer: Let’s talk pets

Columnist Sarah Poyer recalls the love pets bring to our lives. 

Sarah Poyer

Over the years, I have had my fair share of pets. I have had cats, dogs, hermit crabs, fish and reptiles. I have loved each of them with my whole heart, and losing them feels like losing a piece of yourself. Pets bring a special kind of love to your life that is indescribable.

My first cat (that was mine), Smooches and I did not get much time on this earth together, unfortunately. The time he and I did get was terrific, though, and I cherish it daily. Smooches was a special kitty; he liked to drink from the kitchen sink, ate lettuce and liked our dog, Winston. The day we had to put Smooches down, I was devastated. To this day, I think I cry on the anniversary of his passing.

The next cat I got, Oreo, came to us in an unfortunate way. His mom passed away, and she was best friends with my mom. We got Oreo, and instantly he and I became best friends. The first night we brought him home, he slept in my room with me. Every day when I came home from school, he would run to the door and jump into my arms. Oreo and I have gotten less close as I moved to school, but we still snuggle when I am home. And I cry every time I have to leave him.

Oreo and Smooches are not the only cats I have had in my life. I have had a total of 24 cats, two dogs, two hermit crabs, one anole and seven fish throughout my life. My cats and dogs made me realize very young that I always wanted to have them. I love snuggling with them and seeing them when I get home.

I remember begging my stepmom to get our German Shepard, Murphy. Murphy was a wonderful dog, a protector, a smile-maker and a best friend. His death was untimely and shocking to our family, but his memories make it much easier to cope with.

My family’s Yorkshire Terrier, Winston, was supposed to be my dog. He ended up getting attached to my mom, and he was an extraordinary guy. Winston liked to go for car rides, play with Smooches and go to bed. He made our lives crazy, but the time we had with him is unmatched.

My hermit crabs had a short-lived life with me, but they were fantastic. I named them after my mom and stepdad, but they climbed the cage at night, and my cats got interested in them. So they had to go. Fish, I realized once I got four (I am currently on my fifth), are not easy to care for. Donnie Wahlberg (my current fish) just got a tank upgrade recently, and he loves his new place, which makes me very happy.

My anole, Sol, was incredible. She unfortunately passed away recently, which honestly was the reason for me writing this piece. Sol had a rough life before she came to live with me, which means her life was shortened. We also had no way of knowing how old she was, so while her death was sudden and awful to cope with, she and I had some beautiful times together.

Sol and I lived together for a short time, but her impact on me was significant. We do not give pets credit for how amazing they are. I think we take their presence for granted. When they are gone from us, we realize just how much they mean. So when Fido or Kitty are a bit irritable, I get frustrated but not with them. You may have multiple cats, dogs or pets throughout your life, but for them, you are it.