A new StuGov to conduct its first meeting on extension of pandemic policies


Iowa State Student Government conducting business while remaining socially distanced Oct. 28.

Jake Tubbs

After a socially distanced inauguration that included members of Student Government and immediate family members, new Student Government President Julia Campbell, Vice President Megan Decker and the new Senate will conduct their first meeting April 7. 

The first meeting will largely consist of the Senate vote on which senators will serve on certain committees and positions. 

With nine bills and seven total positions to fill, these include electing a new speaker of the Senate, vice speaker of the Senate, chair of the Student Initiatives Committee, chair of the Civic Engagement Committee, clerk of the Senate, electing and confirming a member of the Student Fees and Tuition Committee and electing and confirming a member of the CyRide Board of Trustees. 

Outside of the internal elections for the Senate, the quorum will also consist of bills that extend pandemic policies, funding of the Campus Safety Walk and funding a sustainability resources mass email. 

According to the pandemic bill, in the case that COVID-19 “continues to have drastic effects” on campus, the same policies will be in place until the end of the second week of the 2021-22 fall semester. 

Student Government Bylaw 15.1 will be voted on and possibly extended. Though there is no public record of Bylaw 15.1, a similar bill was passed Sept. 2, 2020, that outlined what the Student Government wanted to enact at that time. Similar policies could be extended tomorrow. 

“[E]ncourage staff to reevaluate the absolute necessity of in-person instruction on a case-by-case basis … the university and Department of Residence work together to minimize financial penalties, including breaking fees for housing contracts and meal plans, especially for those living in shared spaces, to students who wish to move out of university housing for reasons of personal health.”

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union. The meeting will also be streamed live on the Student Government YouTube page.