The ‘Shadow and Bone’ TV series does its source material justice


The “Shadow and Bone” TV adaptation was released to Netflix on April 23.

Monroe Brackey

Editor’s note: This article contains spoilers for the “Shadow and Bone” TV show and books.

The Netflix adaptation of the “Shadow and Bone” series was released April 23. 

Each episode is approximately 52 minutes long, and the season has a total of eight episodes. With “Shadow and Bone” coming out on a Friday, all the fans knew the show was going to be easy to binge that weekend.

As a lot of people know, most book-to-screen adaptations don’t always go right and can lead to rough critics. But as soon as the episode started, fans were immediately drawn in. The actors and actresses are perfect for the roles chosen for them. 

Throughout the first episode, fans are introduced to both of Leigh Bardugo’s series “Six of Crows” and “Shadow and Bone.” But sadly after a few episodes, fans only got five out of six of the crows, which was a large disappointment to the book’s fans. 

Along with the lack of characters, the “Six of Crows” plot had been changed completely to mesh with the “Shadow and Bone” plot. As the show got toward the end of the season, there are a few hints that could lead to next season that was originally from the “Six of Crows” book.

For those that originally read both of the book series, multiple plots for next season can easily be foreshadowed. These possible plots could lead to the missing Crow the audience didn’t see this season.

Going through the episodes felt like nothing. As soon as viewers clicked the play button on Netflix, the series was already over. With only the first book’s events in the first season, fans are already hopeful for another season.

Final verdict: 9/10