StuGov continues to fill seats, discuss pandemic policy in second meeting


A new Senate term for Iowa State Student Government began April 7.

Jake Tubbs

Student Government will continue to place members into new places and establish its pandemic policy as senators conduct the second meeting of the new Senate term. 

This week’s agenda also includes last week’s agenda. With two bills tabled from last week to this week, extending pandemic policies and funding a sustainability resources mass email will top the agenda. 

Extending pandemic policies concerns all of Student Government’s inner workings and rules. This includes all members wearing masks, and any members or people that fail to do so will be removed from quorum. This extension would last until the second week of the fall semester. 

New business has four bills on the table, with one titled “Prioritizing in-person students in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.”

With the campus vaccine rollout beginning Monday, many students will also be facing deadlines and tests as they prepare for Prep Week. According to the bill, Student Government is proposing to prioritize students who are facing large and demanding deadlines. 

“The ISU Student Government recommends that students with required in-person activities and students with significant grade-determining projects during Prep Week are prioritized in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on campus,” according to the bill.

After five positions were filled last week, this week, 12 bills will send and nominate members of government to several different committees and positions.

Nominations include confirming a nominee for chief of staff, student fees and tuition, CyRide Board of Trustees, director of information technology and director of affordability. 

Confirmations and seatings include seating an off-campus senator, seating at-large members to the Student Initiatives Committee and seating senators to the Rules Committee.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Sun Room at the Memorial Union. The meeting will also be streamed live on the Student Government YouTube page.