‘Demon Slayer: Mugen Train’ leaves fans satisfied


“Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” is a film continuation of the anime series.

Jeshua Glover

Editor’s note: This article may contain spoilers.

Almost two years have gone by since the announcement of the “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train” movie. The film was finally released in U.S. theaters Friday with options to see it with subtitles or in the English dub. 

Reentering the demon slayer world, the movie picks up right where the season finale of the show left off. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke are all set to get on the train that has been suspected to be housing a powerful demon. Upon entering the train, they meet up with their superior, Kyojuro Rengoku — a very high-ranking member of the demon slayer corps. After watching Rengoku effortlessly destroy a few demons, the main crew all ask him to be their mentor, and Rengoku says yes. 

On the flip side, the demon who controls the train explains his plan that involves using the passengers on the train to help hypnotize and kill the demon slayers. The demon slayers are put under a spell that makes them sleep, while the main demon directs a few young passengers to begin the plan. The young passengers are unsuccessful, though, as the demon slayers begin waking up one by one and fighting with the main demon. After a furious battle, the demon slayers are able to save all the lives of the train passengers and defeat the demon controlling the train. Just when the fight seems to be over, an even stronger demon appears and puts Rengoku’s true abilities to the test. 

Much like the show, the animation style is truly astonishing, and the experience of seeing it in the theater makes it even greater of a spectacle. The way perfectly saturated colors may light up the screen at any given moment can take your breath away. 

The sound effects and voice acting are also on point just like in the show, with the main cast and the addition of Rengoku making for some very comedic moments. 

The structure of the story is also very good, with nothing being as easy as it seems while fighting the strongest of demons. Some of the over-the-top comedy and slap-stick antics can get annoying, but there isn’t too much of it. 

Like many anime, a lot of bloodshed and a fair amount of gore makes appearances all over the movie, so if fans have a weak stomach, maybe this isn’t the one for them. 

Things can also get pretty creepy and uncomfortable throughout the movie, but fans of the show know this all too well. One of the main themes revolves around the decision to remain in a disappointing reality rather than escape to a pleasant dream. The way this theme is portrayed throughout the film further proves the great level of resolve Tanjiro has. 

Another strong theme is mortality versus immortality, which is portrayed toward the end of the movie. The way it is argued is powerful. Overall, the movie is great, and any anime fan should have a fun time watching it. Even non-anime fans can find something they like in “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.”

Final verdict: 9/10