Iowa State celebrates its Student Employee of the Year award recipient


ISU Dining is just one area on campus where Iowa State students work while at school.

Lindsey Golwitzer

Iowa State’s student employees are awarded every year for their reliability and professionalism in the workplace. While not every student wins that award, each nominee was certainly deserving of it.

In April, Iowa State announced its top pick for the Student Employee of the Year award. That award went to Jacob Rose, a junior in management information systems.

Rose works as an employee for ISU Dining and was nominated by his supervisor, Tori Tafoya, who is a quality assurance specialist. Out of 44 student employee nominations, Rose was the top choice for the award.

“I was determined to be the most deserving of the award by the selection committee due to my unique and admirable contributions to my department and Iowa State University,” Rose said.

When asked what the committee looks for in a nominee, Rose said the student must be an undergraduate student that has been employed part-time for a minimum of six months.

“Nominated employees are judged based on the eight NACE Score Competencies, which are critical thinking and problem solving, oral and written communications, teamwork and collaboration, digital technology, leadership, professionalism and work ethic, career management and, last but not least, global and intercultural fluency,” Rose said.

Ann Wessman, an associate director for the Office of Student Financial Aid, said the program is designed to recognize the outstanding contributions student employees make to the institution and community.

“This is the 31st year the Student Employment Center has coordinated this award to recognize our outstanding student employees,” Wessman said. “The student selected by ISU moves on to competition at the state level and potentially regional and national levels.”

While there is an award for the student employee who stands out among the rest, the Student Employment Center does award three Students of Distinction.

The three students chosen for this award are Tara Hoffman, a senior in materials engineering who works for the materials science and engineering department; Elisabeth Remus, a senior in animal ecology who works for the ITS/CVS Solution Center; and Alexa Gormley, a senior in animal science who works for the Writing and Media Center.

Rose said he feels the award is necessary because it gives students the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work.

“This award is a great example of an attainable goal that may give those people the drive necessary to be successful in their working positions,” Rose said.

Wessman had a similar response.

“Iowa State University has nearly 10,000 undergraduate student employees making an impact on our campus,” Wessman said. “Many ISU students work while in college, balancing schoolwork and the responsibilities of a job. This program allows students and employers to recognize the importance and value of what they do for Iowa State.”