Letter: Justice from MidAmerican


Letter writer Cherie Mortice urges people to stop MidAmerican Energy from raising rates.

Cherie Mortice

As a MidAmerican Energy customer, I find it hard to understand why they continue to ride on the production of coal and the purchasing of natural gas while moving lethargically toward the abundance of savings in wind and solar energy. Meanwhile, they’ve been making well over half a billion in profits every year from the bills we pay them. But they think nothing of making residents and small businesses absorb the extreme costs of heat this winter.

Shouldn’t their massive profits be used to prevent inevitable swings in extreme temperatures? Other utilities pay homeowners and businesses to retrofit their homes for energy efficiency and to produce their own energy. This saves everyone money, makes us more energy independent and ensures we have a habitable planet.

The THRIVE Act is a federal bill that would require MidAmerican to transition to a more reliable renewable energy system and create 15 million family-sustaining jobs in the process.

If you’re sick of MidAmerican raising your rates and want real solutions, sign Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement’s petition: bit.ly/stop-hiking-rates