Students compare this semester with past semesters


Students compare this semester with previous semesters and talk about involvement and classes.

Madie Olson

In a completely different year due to COVID-19, students compared their first and second semesters and how COVID-19 has impacted their involvement in student life.

Overall, many students have expressed this semester has been going significantly better than last semester.

Many incoming freshmen say they are finally starting to get the hang of things and make daily schedules. Returning students from last year said things are quite different from before COVID-19 had happened.

Some students said they had more in-person classes this semester compared to last. Other students said they chose to take all-online courses instead.

“My classes are getting gradually harder than last semester,” said Max Carlson, a freshman in construction engineering. “I don’t have as many in-person this semester compared to last. I don’t mind online classes, but it’s harder to learn things.” 

Some students said with a lot of online classes, it’s harder to learn and find the motivation to do homework or to even go to class. Emma Jennings, a sophomore in event management, said she enjoys having more online classes; she finds it easier to get things done and has more time in her day for homework and extracurricular activities.

“Last semester, I had one in-person class, and now, my classes are all online,” Jennings said. “I have gotten used to online classes and actually prefer them because I am able to make my own schedule day to day.” 

Students were asked if they noticed any big differences between this semester and last semester. Students also said campus felt more open this semester, and they noticed more things going on around campus. They said they noticed campus was a lot busier and there were more students out and about.

“Compared to last semester, I feel much more involved on campus and spend much more time on campus doing things,” said Emma Gerwig, a freshman in apparel, merchandising and design.

Due to COVID-19, events have been canceled, and clubs have had to adjust their plans to adhere to university-issued safety guidelines and precautions.

Some students said they feel like they have been able to participate in a few things on campus but not as much as they would like. Freshmen also pointed out that because of the pandemic, it has been harder to meet people and get involved.

Many clubs and activities have been virtually focused, and students said they would prefer to participate in them when they have more in-person meetings or activity options. With the reality of COVID-19, there are still options for students to get involved, but they said they are hoping to get more involved once campus opens up more.

“So far, I haven’t participated in the clubs and activities I’ve wanted to because they’re virtual, but I will when they are in person,” said Chrissy Storelee, a freshman in psychology.

Students said one way they’ve been able to get involved on campus despite the pandemic has been through greek life.

“I have been able to participate with the activities on campus,” said Ashley Boone, a freshman in pre-business. “It’s been better joining greek life and getting involved with that. It has given me so many opportunities already. I do wish to join more [clubs] in the future, too.”

Students said participating in Dance Marathon, working for student publications and joining sports clubs, for example, have all allowed them opportunities to get involved on campus safely.

While COVID-19 may make it more difficult for students to get involved and make the most of their time in college, events like ClubFest can connect students with student organizations. A full list of student organizations can be found on the Student Activities Center website.