How to have a ‘staycation’ without a formal spring break this week


There are plenty of activities on and around campus to enjoy in lieu of a spring break this year.

Margaret Troup

The lack of a formal spring break is hard on every student at Iowa State, but not having designated time off to take a break doesn’t mean students can’t relax at all. Here are some ways to have a “staycation” spring break on campus.

Go to local tourist attractions

Whether one has grown up in Iowa or is just here during their time at Iowa State, that doesn’t mean they’ve experienced all the local sites to see. There are plenty of museums, shops, bars and other lesser-known attractions to experience on or near campus.

The Christian Petersen Art Museum in Morrill Hall is currently showing “Perceptions of Identity,” an art exhibit by artist and Iowa native Rose Frantzen. The Brunnier Museum in the Scheman Building has pieces from the “Art Nouveau Innovation: Danish Porcelain” collection from curator Todd Reiser on display. 

Museums are a great opportunity to not only get out of one’s dorm or apartment, but also to learn more about local artists and support University Museums.

Take the time to enjoy outdoor activities

With the weather beginning to creep out of winter and into spring, outdoor activities are a great way to boost dopamine levels while even getting an easy workout in.

Brookside Park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities to participate in just off campus. From walking paths, picnic tables, playgrounds and covered shelters, Brookside Park is the perfect place to take a break from the stresses of everyday life while connecting with nature.

With the snow being mostly melted, other on-campus activities such as jogging, roller skating, skateboarding or even unicycling are more exercise-oriented ways to enjoy the nicer weather while it lasts.

Treat yourself to a nice meal

Spring break is usually a time where regular routines don’t apply. Keeping track of school, work and an eating schedule usually goes out the window during this time. Since Iowa State students can’t commit to a spring break lifestyle as they normally do this semester, it can be even more important to treat oneself this week.

Traveling during spring break usually means trying new foods or just not caring how much one eats. Getting a taste of this week can help lessen everyday stresses. Local restaurants such as The Café or Provisions Lot F are open for both indoor and to-go dining and offer a variety of delicious menu options. Taking the time one evening to have a nice dinner at a local restaurant can be just as relaxing as any of the other previously mentioned tips for this week.