Campbell and Decker win Student Government president and vice president

Student Body President Julia Campbell. 

Jake Tubbs

Julia Campbell, senior in agricultural business, and Megan Decker, sophomore in agriculture and society, were elected as Student Government president and vice president Thursday evening.

After voting occurred Monday and Tuesday, the Campbell-Decker campaign received 2,716 votes, accounting for 54.4 percent of the vote, while the Olson-Gonzalez campaign received 2,199 votes, getting 44.1 percent of the votes.  

For the 2020-21 school year, the student population at Iowa State is 31,825. With 5,046 students voting in the election, 15.8 percent of the student body voted — about the same percentage from last year’s election cycle.

Campbell and Decker are running on five key points, which include diversity and inclusion, Student Government transparency and accountability, community, student success and financial success.  

Campbell and Decker were not available for immediate response.

According to election commissioner Ross Opie, it is planned that Campbell and Decker will make their acceptance speech at their inauguration April 6. 

The results of the Senate race are as follows below.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

With 725 votes and 35 percent of the vote — Hope Brecht, junior in agricultural and life sciences education. 

With 695 votes and 33.5 percent of the vote — Devin DeVore, sophomore in agriculture and society. 

The College of Engineering

With 464 votes and 17.7 percent of the vote — Ethan Cooper, senior in electrical engineering.

With 545 votes and 20.8 percent of the vote — Tiffanie Fix, sophomore in cybersecurity engineering.

With 516 votes and 19.7 percent of the vote — Advait M., junior in mechanical engineering, computer science and political science. 

With 577 votes and 22 percent of the vote — Joseph Zuber, junior in computer engineering.

The Graduate College elected two senators, no candidates were on the ballot, both were write-ins. 

With four votes and 18.1 percent of the vote — Vishesh Bhatia, graduate in genetics and genomics. 

With three votes and 13.6 percent of the vote — Nathan Langholz, graduate in business administration.

The College of Human Sciences, both write-ins. 

With 12 votes and 8.7 percent of the vote — Trinity Heeren, senior in apparel, merchandising and design.

With four votes and 2.9 percent of the vote — Natalia Rios Martinez, senior in political science.

The Ivy College of Business

With 450 votes and 49.2 percent of the vote — Sanjana Addagarla, senior in management information systems.  

With 440 votes and 48.1 percent of the vote — Armaan “Guppy” Gupta, freshman in pre-business.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

With 382 votes and 17.6 percent of the vote — Alexandra Finaldi, junior in political science.

With 479 votes and 22.1 percent of the vote — Charles Yang, senior in data science.

With 662 votes and 30.5 percent of the vote — Natalia Rios Martinez, senior in political science. 

The College of Veterinary Medicine 

With six write-in votes and 50 percent of the vote — Bailey Goff, year two in veterinary medicine.

Collegiate Panhellenic Council Residence

With 441 votes and 98.6 percent of the vote — Ann Lent, senior in political science. 

Frederiksen Court Apartment Residence

With 266 write-in votes and 74.5 percent of the vote — Molly Simmons, sophomore in environmental science. 

Interfraternity Council Residence 

With 261 votes and 56.9 percent of the vote — Cody McCreedy, junior in history.

Inter-Residence Hall Association 

With 1,007 votes and 92.9 percent of the vote — Zach Johnson, senior in political science. 

With 10 votes and 0.9 percent of the vote — Ryan Hurley, junior in marketing. 

With five votes and 0.4 percent of the vote — Harrison East, junior in kinesiology and health.

With three votes and 0.2 percent of the vote — Arianna Fischer, junior in business analytics.

United Residence Off-Campus

With 1,160 votes and 10 percent of the vote — Julie Anderson, senior in agriculture and society.

With 1,015 votes and 8.8 percent of the vote — Kit Clayburn, sophomore in animal ecology.

With 1,068 votes and 9.2 percent of the vote — Eliana Crabb, senior in hospitality management.

With 904 votes and 7.8 percent of the vote — Harrison East, junior in kinesiology and health

With 1,107 votes and 9.6 percent of the vote — Victoria Fillipi, sophomore in political science. 

With 1,034 votes and 8.9 percent of the vote — Allison Gates, junior in criminal justice. 

With 958 votes and 8.3 percent of the vote — Daniel Hayes, senior in political science.

With 1,072 votes and 9.3 percent of the vote — Jacob Ludwig, senior in economics. 

With 1,043 votes and 9 percent of the vote — Sonja Paulson, junior in marketing.

With 1,069 votes and 9.2 percent of the vote — Emily Rizvic, senior in political science; and 

With 937 votes and 8.1 percent of the vote — Dawson Weathers, senior in political science.

University Student Apartment Community 

With 139 votes and 97.2 percent of the vote — Jennifer Seth, senior in environmental science.

Also on the ballot, students voted for whether Senate quorum could take place if there was two-thirds of the Senate or a simple majority.

With 2,821 votes — 60.2 percent of the vote — to 1863 votes, it was decided the Senate can now have a session if there is just a simple majority.