Virtual performances from Irish bands to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Damian McGinty, a prominent member of Celtic Thunder.

Margaret Troup

Famous Irish music groups and singers such as Celtic Thunder, Sonia D and Michelle Sarasin will be giving virtual performances on StageIt, a virtual concert venue.

While this St. Patrick’s Day can’t be celebrated to a full extent in person, the virtual performances of these Ireland-based performers can still provide some holiday entertainment.

During St. Patrick’s week and, most importantly, on St. Patrick’s Day, world-renowned singing group Celtic Thunder will be performing not just their beloved music but will also be taking viewers on a journey through Ireland as the history, culture and traditions are explored by the Ireland-native singers.

Tickets for any of Celtic Thunder’s shows during St. Patrick’s week are required to be bought before the times of the concerts. Celtic Thunder will perform at 6 p.m. Central Standard Time on Tuesday and 2 p.m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday. Tickets for all Celtic Thunder virtual concerts on StageIt are $15.

Sonia D, another Ireland-based singer, will be streaming her performance on StageIt at 2 p.m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday.

Sonia D is an Irish indie and folk singer best known for her acoustic work. In addition to covering songs from other Irish singers such as Sinéad O’Connor, Enya and The Dubliners, Sonia will be taking song requests from the live chat during her show. 

Fans can most likely expect Sonia to perform some of her own original songs, such as her most recent work “Heavy.”

Tickets for Sonia’s show are pay-what-you-will prices and are being sold on the StageIt website.

Michelle Sarasin is another Irish pop-folk singer who will be virtually performing on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sarasin will be performing at 2:30 p.m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday by singing her own original work while also covering classic Celtic folk songs. Songs that are sure to be sung by this operatic-pop singer are “Sweet Louis” and “Stay,” two of Sarasin’s more recent works. 

Sarasin has made three albums throughout her career, all of which focus on the folk and pop tones in both classic and contemporary Irish music.

Tickets for Sarasin’s show are pay-what-you-will prices and are available on the StageIt website.