‘Resident Evil’ celebrates its 25th anniversary

The original “Resident Evil” game focused on violent gameplay, fixed camera angles and a third-person point of view.

Margaret Troup

Capcom’s well-known horror series “Resident Evil” recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

“Resident Evil” is a franchise spanning over 24 games and 6 movies. It follows a variety of characters in and around Racoon City, the main setting of the games. The main characters include Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ethan and Mia Winters, Jill Valentine and many others. 

The games and movies mostly revolve around the main characters trying to survive during a zombie-like apocalypse that, due to the fictional T-Virus, causes monsters to run rampant in Racoon City.

Not all games follow the same formula, as the series is also well-known for its unique puzzle-based gameplay. As was more recently seen in 2017’s “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” shadow-based puzzles were vital to the plot’s progress. 

Additionally, not all games take place in Racoon City, such as “Biohazard” and the upcoming “Resident Evil Village.” These more recent games in the series have focused on the puzzle- and boss-fight-based elements of the gameplay, as opposed to fighting hordes of enemies. 

The next iteration in the series, the previously mentioned “Village,” will take place in the mysterious titular village where a seemingly immortal version of an enemy Remnant, known as Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, acts as the main antagonist to the previous “Biohazard” protagonist, Ethan Winters.

The “Resident Evil” movies, which had its first entry released in 2002 and the final one released in 2016, do not follow any of the previously mentioned characters but instead take place in a separate “Resident Evil” universe. While characters are still fighting the T-Virus and the evil Umbrella Corporation, the movies do little to follow the source material. As such, the films have never received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

However, Constantin Film, a film production company, has confirmed a reboot of the “Resident Evil” movie series. According to the film reboot’s director, Johannes Roberts, the new movie will take place in the same universe, day and city that the “Resident Evil 2” video game takes place and will be much more closely connected to the source material than any other existing film.