Metzger: The TV shows my roommate and I watch, ranked

Columnist and Managing Editor Logan Metzger discusses his favorite TV shows. 

Logan Metzger

Disclaimer: These are my opinions about TV shows my roommate and I have watched, so be wary of spoilers ahead.

Well after the last week of slightly dragging my roommate for her cat’s behavior relevant to my plants, I decided to make it up to her this week by writing about our adventures watching TV shows together.

We have a lot of free time sometimes, and in that free time my roommate Madison and I watch TV shows together. Here are the ones we have watched together and my ranking of them.

“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”

My number one all-time favorite show Madison and I have watched together is “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.” This show is on Netflix with five seasons.

This show is my number one on this list because it is just a 10/10. Yes, it is a cartoon and yes, it can (at times) have childish themes, BUT it is also so, so, so good.

This show is probably the first time I have ever seen queer representation within a TV show meant for children. There are gay characters, bisexual characters, lesbian characters, nonbinary characters and transgender characters. It doesn’t push the straight cisgender narrative, but it also doesn’t “force the gay agenda.” It just shows people living their lives and being happy.

It is unapologetically queer and I wish I had something this good in my childhood, because as a child growing up, knowing I was interested in boys was hard and having something showing that my identity was valid and healthy and OK would have really helped me and so many others.

Madison and I watched this last semester together. I actually introduced this show to her (a first I believe). We watched this show really fast in maybe a week or two, not only because the episodes are pretty short but also because we were hooked so fast.

“Criminal Minds”

My second show to watch with Madison is “Criminal Minds.” This show is on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video and there are 15 seasons.

This show is my second only because She-Ra was so damn good. However, Criminal Minds is also a 10/10. It is so easy to pop in and watch an episode — you don’t have to watch it in order because the storyline isn’t that strict. It is definitely my comfort show, meaning that I can watch it at any time and I usually watch it to either fall asleep or when I need random noise in the background to get work done.

What isn’t to love about “Criminal Minds”? It has amazing characters, and yes Penelope Garcia is my favorite character. The characters go through realistic trauma and react in realistic ways. It’s bloody and gory and full of mystery, all the properties I usually need a show to have to keep me interested.

Madison and I tend to watch this off and on, usually while working on homework while our other roommate Sage is at class. We also tend to watch it concurrently but separately, just because it is so easy to hop in and out of.

If you aren’t trying to solve the case along with the team are you really even watching “Criminal Minds”?


The third-best show that I have watched with Madison is “Bones.” This show is on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video and it has 12 seasons.

This show is third because it just doesn’t beat the other two before it. Currently, this is my top comfort show. I tend to watch it as I’m lying in bed or when I’m typing out a homework assignment. It is easy to have on in the background, isn’t too loud, but is interesting enough that I could get a little bit distracted when I need to.

Similar to “Criminal Minds,” this show is bloody and gory, sometimes a little gross, but it is so interesting and filled with the mystery and intrigue I need to keep me interested. It also has a great cast of characters! Not gonna lie, I definitely cried at various moments throughout the show. Booth and Brennan’s wedding really got to me.

Also similar to “Criminal Minds,” Madison and I started watching this separately but decided to rewatch it together. Now we watch it separately after completing the rewatch, but we still talk about it all the time.

“Teen Wolf”

The second to last of the shows I have watched with Madison is “Teen Wolf.” This show is on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu and has six seasons.

The only reason this show is not last is because there is something I dislike even more than this show that Madison and I have watched together. OK, I don’t actually hate “Teen Wolf,” I just have a lot of issues with it.

OK the first and biggest issue I have with “Teen Wolf” is that they have killed off NO ONE. Why are all the main antagonists alive until the final season? Peter didn’t die when he was the main antagonist. Stiles (who was housing the Nogitsune) didn’t die when he was the main antagonist. Gerard didn’t die when he was the main antagonist. Deucalion didn’t die when he was the main antagonist. Mason (who was housing The Beast) didn’t die when he was the main antagonist.

The only main antagonists to die (outside of the last season) were the Dread Doctors and their deaths weren’t even exciting. There was no epic clash or fight. The Beast just ripped their heads off; it was a snooze fest.

Another issue I have is that Scott isn’t the main character I would have wished for the show. All of his character traits rely on the people around him, he just felt like an empty shell without all the other people in the show to actually make him interesting. Yes, he had some character traits like he had crappy parenthood and was a veterinary assistant, but what does that really add to him? Like give me MORE to keep me interested. Also please don’t get me started on his reliance to ALWAYS have a girlfriend. Like every season he HAD to have one and the show relied too much on that.

But I do have to say some good things about this show. The show did have queer representation, but it was only gay men, so that was good to have gay characters but bad that it was only gay men represented.

The other good thing I can say about the show is that Lydia Martin is a queen. She really had the best character arc of the whole show, starting out as someone to hate and then ending up as this badass who really cared and loved the other characters in the show. She is hands down my favorite character in “Teen Wolf.”

This is the show Madison and I are currently working on finishing. Madison has already watched it and it is one of her favorite shows so she is forcing me to watch it. We only have two episodes left so my pain will be over soon.


The show last on my list is “Arrow.” This show is on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix and has eight seasons.

This show is last because I can barely remember what happened, so it didn’t pique my interest enough for me to actually retain the information happening in it. Madison and I only watched two or three seasons of it last semester (although she has seen all of it), so I couldn’t even finish it.

Yes, the DC TV shows are much better than the DC movies, but this show is just last on my list solely for not being able to keep me interested.

This column is not meant to ridicule these shows or the people who watch it, but just to go over my thoughts and feelings about them.

Many of these shows have tons of fans who love the shows, so remember that everyone has differing opinions when it comes to the media they consume and all of those opinions are valid.

Find a friend, a roommate or a family member and find a show to watch, I can assure you that the conversations about those shows will always be interesting.