Petzold: A very pandemic Valentine’s Day

Columnist Megan Petzold recommends Valentine’s Day activity alternatives. 

Megan Petzold

As we all know, it has been quite the year. Between changing the way we have to go about our daily lives and learning to abide by new governmental guidelines, 2020 and the beginning of 2021 has been challenging to all of us. 

We made it though Thanksgiving and Halloween without any major issues, but a lot of us had to sacrifice time with our loved ones. Next stop during the pandemic: Valentine’s Day.

A lot of us are celebrating Valentine’s Day with our partners virtually, either because of distance or living with someone who are higher-risk people or those with underlying medical conditions that would put them more at risk. There are a few things that we all can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day without partners, without endangering ourselves or the ones we encounter.

It will not be totally uncalled for to take your loved one to a nice dinner, but if everyone in each city does that, it is unlikely and going to be impossible to keep up with COVID-19 guidelines. Between the crowds of people and the limited seats and tables, it will be almost impossible for customers and staff to stay COVID-19 safe. However, something even better is you can make your partner a nice dinner at home. If more people choose this route, it will not only keep you, your family and anyone you interact with later safe, but it will also help keep those at the restaurants safe and more able to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

On the other hand, something that a good amount of people do during their Valentine’s Day dates is go on a date, somewhere outdoors and adventurous. Some couples choose to recreate their first date, which could be anything from going to the movies to a coffee house to a party. All of those things will be very difficult to do during the pandemic. Some alternatives to continue the tradition of recreating your first date would be to make an at-home “movie theater” and get all the fixings for a great movie night. 

In conclusion, the more things you can do at home with your valentine, the less COVID-19 spike we will see. It’s a win-win: you and your Valentine still get to celebrate together and have a good day, and hopefully, everyone who does go out stays safe and healthy.