Iowa State students to be involved in the upcoming film ‘nature of the dream’


The Des Moines Community Playhouse is helping put on the show “nature of the dream.”

Margaret Troup

The Des Moines Playhouse is collaborating with Iowa State students to create “nature of the dream,” a film that follows cast members discussing their personal experiences with their Black identity in a collection of scenes.

Darrick Burrage, a junior performing arts major at Iowa State, is one cast member in “nature of the dream.”

“[‘nature of the dream’] is a collection of Black stories both in a real-life format as well as in a more exaggerated type of irony,” Burrage said. “Aspects of different stories, of different perspectives, are all in the same underlying connection of this being like a dream that we’re all experiencing.”

Burrage went on to elaborate on what it means to him to be involved in “nature of the dream.”

“I feel like stories of any kind about anybody are really important, especially when they’re ones that aren’t always heard about,” Burrage said. “A lot of stories, especially about the Black community, have been pushed more to be explored in the entertainment industry. So I feel like this is another step in the direction of getting some more voices heard that aren’t always heard.”

The Des Moines Playhouse, a local theater that typically puts on full seasons of musicals, dramas and other stage shows, is collaborating with Miriam Randolph and Henry Parizek, two California-based filmmakers to create “nature of the dream.”

Prior to the planning process of this film, there is no set script. All the cast members involved in the film worked together to create a completely original performance based on their own personal experiences.

“I think there are going to be a lot of eye-opening moments,” Burrage said in response to why he thinks audiences should see “nature of the dream.” “There will be opportunities for people to learn and to potentially grow another person’s experience.”

“nature of the dream” will be released at the Des Moines Playhouse website Feb. 25 and will be available through March 7. Viewers can choose their own ticket prices to view the film, ranging from $5 to $100.

Immediately after the film’s initial debut, there will be a live conversation with Randolph and Parizek on The Playhouse’s Facebook page.