Tasty perks and more security cameras take forefront in Wednesday’s Student Government meeting


Sen. Advait and Sen. Joshua Hanyang during Student Government’s Feb. 17 meeting.

Jake Tubbs

Student Government met for their weekly meeting in the Memorial Union on Wednesday night with campus surveillance and government outreach headlining much of the night. 

Before any debates or votes were spoken of, the senators got to hear from Ames Interim Chief of Police Geoff Huff. 

Huff came in to talk about an initiative that would add three to five security cameras in the Campustown area. 

“The proposal right now is to put cameras somewhere in the area of the clock tower of Campustown,” Huff said. “Our intent is to get some view of the 100 and possibly 200 block of Welch Avenue and 2400 and 2500 block of Chamberlain.”

Security cameras have been in Campustown for a number of years now as they first popped up in 2011. Ames and Campustown have seen its share of crime as there have been reported assaults, missing persons and even a shooting in the past, according to Huff.    

Huff also said the cameras are for safety purposes only and students will clearly be able to know where they are.

“These cameras will be overt,” Huff said. “They will be where you can see them and there will be a sign that says we (Ames Police Department) are monitoring this area. It will be very clear that they are there and we are not trying to hide the fact that they are there.”

The next notable topic of discussion was the government’s outreach to the Iowa State student community. With election day at the end of March, outreach for student participation with the government will be important to candidates up for vote. 

Christian Grensteiner, freshman in event management, spoke on the initiatives taking place.

For upcoming meet and greets, a food truck will accompany the senators as they talk to their potential voters. Meals will be $7 and will include mac and cheese and chicken tenders, according to Grensteiner.  

If students miss out on the food truck, there is a chance to still go home a winner as you can enter the chance to win one of three baskets filled with college essentials. 

With the potential to win basket A, B or C, basket A comes with a Keurig coffee machine, K-Cups, mugs, a coffee gift card and an ISU cafe gift card. Basket B consists of more late night vibes as the winner will receive a popcorn holder, popcorn, a blanket, candy and kernel seasoning. Finally, the last basket, basket C, also has a blanket, fuzzy socks, candies, bath bombs, a Lush gift card and a face mask. 

Election Day is March 22 and 23 with campaigns starting Feb. 28.