Underrated artists who deserve more recognition


FaceSoul as he sings “Through the Dark.”

Nyamal Gatluak

Artists from all over the world are creating new music now more than ever. With tours and performances canceled, many artists are honing in on their craft and producing new music. Below are two fresh emerging artists any listener shouldn’t miss out on. 


FaceSoul, a London-based Somali artist, radiates authenticity and warmth in his experimental sound. He produces a sound of his own by looping melodies over beatboxing and then freestyles what he feels. With simple and introspective lyrics, FaceSoul manages to create thoughtful and inspiring music. 

In an interview with COLORS X STUDIOS, FaceSoul said he got into experimenting while performing when he started losing the feeling he felt when he shared one of his written works. 

“The intensity lessened, and I could start to almost distance and think about my performance while I was performing or sharing,” FaceSoul said. “I felt like I lost the reason why I was doing it.” 

FaceSoul is not looking for perfection in his performances, but he hopes his vulnerability will create something beautiful. 

“Nothing has to be entirely polished, but if it’s sincere, there’s something that you just feel,” FaceSoul said. “That’s what I like to share.” 

Not much of his music is released on large streaming platforms, but he has dozens of freestyles available on Instagram in a series called “freestyles from the heart.” 


The Switzerland-based Burundian artist NNAVY’s sound is rich and relaxing, reminiscent of a rainy day. 

Her debut EP “Blue” is an intimate seven-track collection that proves less is more. The minimal, stripped-down production and use of jazz instruments allow her words to speak for themselves. 

According to NNAVY’s Spotify, the themes in her music are based on her own life experiences and worries. In her music, she is not afraid to be vulnerable and touches on love, internal conflicts and relationships. 

In “I Wanna Know,” NNAVY discusses loneliness and the longing to rid of that feeling in order to feel warm. In “Stay,” a slow bass guitar guides us through the moment NNAVY has to part from her “lover.” She tries to savor the moment and delay their parting as long as possible. 

Aside from her own music, NNAVY often covers other artists’ music on her social media platforms. 

Those wanting to hear more of NNAVY can visit her Instagram account, where there are over 100 videos of her covering songs from artists like Daniel Caesar, Pomme, Billie Eilish and more.