Wednesday night’s StuGov meeting canceled due to absence of nine senators


Student Government discussed recycling in their meeting Feb. 10.

Jake Tubbs

With COVID putting a lot of plans into a tailspin, one of Student Government’s weekly meetings finally made the list. 

Due to some COVID-related issues, out-of-town trips and school catchup, nine senators called out just a couple hours before session took place. 

Of the Senate, two-thirds must be present for session to take place, and with nine out of the 26 seated senators not available, they just missed the mark. 

One senator did test positive for COVID-19, though it was not specified how long ago he or she tested positive. 

Due to the new case, other senators are in quarantine due to proximity. Student Government’s meetings should resume next week. 

It is rare to see Student Government’s meeting canceled. According to Speaker of the House Jacob Ludwig, this is the first cancelation in a couple years. 

“There have been times when we have been really close to not having forum,” Ludwig said. “Every year that is something that happens every now and then. I think just the added possibility for people being out for COVID has just made it more likely.”

Ludwig also added there have been several close calls this year, but with the pandemic, it is not shocking to finally see a meeting be called off. Though it is a shame that the agenda has been pushed back another week, the most important thing is to keep everyone safe.

“I think this is just something that is related to the fact that we need to take precautions and have people quarantine and be safe,” Ludwig said. “I’m not entirely surprised, it is just something we have to roll with.”