‘Pokemon Snap’ to be upgraded to the Nintendo Switch

The title screen from the new “Pokemon Snap” trailer.

Margaret Troup

The original 1999 “Pokemon Snap” for the Nintendo 64 is being revamped and brought to the Nintendo Switch.

“Pokemon Snap” is a first-person rail shooter-style game that takes place in the Pokemon universe. Players are tasked by in-game character Professor Oak to take photos of different Pokemon for his research purposes. By using a motorized buggy called the ZERO-ONE, the player then explores the island and take photographs of the wide variety of Pokemon that live in its environments.

The remastered version of “Pokemon Snap” for the Switch has every piece of nostalgia from the original game but with vastly improved graphics.

Some updates to this spiritual successor of the original “Pokemon Snap” include players’ ability to choose between multiple playable characters, over 200 Pokemon to photograph, the newly improved NEO-ONE buggy instead of the ZERO-ONE and Professor Mirror’s presence over Professor Oak’s.

One of the highlights of “Pokemon Snap” is the ability to build one’s own “Pokedex,” the in-game organizer for all the information on Pokemon that players gather. Aiming to photograph all 200 Pokemon in the game will allow for hours of fun.

One additional element in this new “Pokemon Snap” is that of the “Illumina phenomenon.” This phenomenon causes Pokemon and vegetation around the game’s various islands to glow. Professor Mirror and the player try to find out the cause behind the Illumina phenomenon by taking as many research photos of Pokemon as possible.

“Pokemon Snap” will become available April 30 on the Nintendo Switch.