Letter: Demand a subcommittee in Congress for a moratorium


Letter writer Kenn Bowen advocates for a subcommittee in the House for a moratorium for Iowan benefit. 

Kenn Bowen

Iowa needs a moratorium on new and expanding CAFOs. I am not suggesting to totally dismantle an entire industry, I am only asking everyone to take a step back, catch a breath and look to see who really benefits from the overall effects of this agri-industry. 

Do family farmers benefit from the industrialization of agriculture; do people benefit from the industrialization of agriculture; does our land benefit from the industrialization of agriculture? 

There is a better way, let’s work together so we all benefit from agriculture and animal husbandry. A moratorium would be the best option to get started on that way.

Sixty-three percent of Iowans across party lines want a moratorium on factory farms, yet Speaker Grassley says that the factory farm moratorium bill is D.O.A. Not one legislator should stifle debate on legislation, especially with such wide public support; HF440 should be put before a subcommittee for discussion.

Call Speaker of the House Pat Grassley at 1-515-281-3221 and share why a moratorium is worth supporting and demand he push for a subcommittee in the House and also demand he allow discussion of a moratorium by members of both parties. 

Kenn Bowen is a community member.