The end is near for ‘Black Clover’


Characters Asta (left) and Yuno (right) as they appear in “Black Clover.”

Jeshua Glover

The highly popular anime series “Black Clover” will be coming to an end after three and a half years, airing its final episode on March 30 of this year. Due to the show catching up to the most recent chapters of the comic, Studio Pierrot has elected to end the series on television. 

Unfortunately, the fates of characters Asta and Yuno will remain up in the air for anime-only fans following episode 170. The end has become necessary as the correlation between the pace of episodes released coupled with comic chapters produced will inevitably create problems. As seen with series like “Tokyo Ghoul: re,” once the show animators outproduce the comics, the result is not always favorable.

The difference between original anime-only content competing with canon manga content usually tends to create a rift between fans. The studio is wise to avoid this type of complication and potentially ruin the level of cohesiveness among fans of the series.

For fans of the television series, the action and spectacle will be lost for the foreseeable future. It is sad to see the show end during such an impactful arc within the story in contrast to the sheer amount of filler that has led up to it. With things finally beginning to heat up and the stakes getting higher, it pains many fans to hear this announcement. 

There is a break in the clouds though, as the official Twitter page for “Black Clover” also revealed that a special announcement will be made after the premier of episode 170. Many anime fans speculate that a movie will be announced, following in the steps of many popular anime such as: “My Hero Academia,” “Demon Slayer,” “Dragon Ball,” “Bleach” and “Naruto.” Some also speculate an announcement will be made indicating that the show will continue, but only after more chapters are produced in the comic. 

More information will be announced in the coming months.