Rasmussen: Biden unsurprisingly falls short on promises

Columnist Olivia Rasmussen reflects on some of Joe Biden’s promises to the American people that he is now abandoning.Former Vice President Joe Biden visited Iowa State on Dec. 4, 2019, as part of his “No Malarkey!” tour.

Olivia Rasmussen

President Joe Biden has made bold promises to win the hearts of the progressive community like bumping the minimum wage up to $15 an hour, the potential for some type of student loan forgiveness and sending out larger stimulus checks to help people survive, but why haven’t we seen the needle move toward said promises?

Politico reports that Biden told governors that “his proposed minimum wage hike was unlikely to happen.” The story goes on to suggest that Biden would still advocate for it but at an unspecified later date, potentially even in 2025. While Biden says the budget won’t allow livable wages for the working class, his administration has “approved three Foreign Military Sales requests for Jordan, Chile and a NATO agency, with a combined potential price tag of more than $200 million,” per Defense News

People have taken to social media to air their grievances saying, “Biden has approved $285M worth of Raytheon weapons deals before he approved student loan debt cancellation, rent forgiveness, or $2,000 stimulus checks.”

It’s important to reiterate that Biden ran on the platform that “nothing would fundamentally change,” and he meant it. Some Liberals weirdly assumed that a Biden presidency was the key to fixing our country immediately, leading solely on the point that “he isn’t Trump.” Biden might appear to be less horrible, but don’t we also want him to keep his word instead of caressing the egos and bank accounts of his corporate buddies?

Another promise that is being broken is his 100-day deportation moratorium. Law and Crime reports, “The Biden administration has deported several hundred immigrants since taking power of the federal government. Those deportations are ongoing. On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) formally backtracked from President Joe Biden’s pledge to halt deportations during his first 100 days in office.”

Naureen Shah, a policy counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, responded to Biden’s backtracking by saying, “The memo is a disappointing step backward from the Biden administration’s earlier commitments to fully break from the harmful deportation policies of both the Trump and Obama presidencies. While the Biden administration rightly acknowledges that immigrants are our family members, our coworkers, and our neighbors, for now it has chosen to continue giving ICE officers significant discretion to conduct operations that harm our communities and tear families apart… The interim enforcement priorities detailed today import the injustices of the criminal legal system and will lead to continued disproportionate deportations of Black and Brown immigrants.”

This meme displays how some Liberals have conveniently forgotten their mantras and alleged activism simply because a Democrat is president. This wishy-washy performance touted by a portion of “Brunch Democrats” seems to solidify progressive and Conservative concerns about the up-in-the-air beliefs held by some members of the party, which is not promising and is unappealing. 

As someone who is a progressive — a leftist, not a Liberal — it’s frustrating to watch certain Liberals abandon their values because they’re under the false guise that their Democrat idols have their best interests. These early broken promises are clear signs that we need to continuously hold our leaders accountable and to their word.