Pakistan Student Association raises relief funds for floods


Fida Hussain/ Getty Images

Pakistan Student Association is raising donations as floods put one-third of Pakistan underwater.

Pakistan has been wrecked by major flooding, leaving one-third of the country under water and creating major roadblocks for emergency personnel. Pakistani students at Iowa State have taken to online fundraising platforms to collect funds to donate to reputable nongovernmental organizations as a way to provide assistance to victims of the floods ravaging Pakistan.

“It kills my heart to see my family and friends in such a difficult situation, and I feel helpless that I am not there with them in this difficult time,” said Hanif Lashari, a graduate student studying electrical and computer engineering.

Current figures estimate the deadly flood waters have taken over 1,300 lives, wrecked more than 600,000 homes and destroyed thousands of acres of agricultural lands, leaving over 33 million people displaced and in need of assistance, according to the Natural Disaster Management Authority.

Students with ties to Pakistan are worried about family members and the towns they grew up in. Lashari’s hometown is Sehwan Sharif in Sindh, Pakistan. The town’s major union councils and recreational areas are ruined, in addition to Manchar Lake.

“Our people are in danger,” Lashari said. “Even my sister’s home has been destroyed completely. I’m devastated and worried about my village because people do not have food, shelter and medicines.”

Tanzeel Rehman, president of the Pakistan Student Association and graduate student in material science and engineering, said.
Pakistani students at Iowa State have raised $5,715 from 56 donors through individual efforts.

“In the wake of this calamity and damage that has been done, we felt that it was necessary to support the families affected by the floods,” Syed Sherazi, a graduate student studying electrical and computer engineering, said.

The Pakistan Student Association set up a fundraiser online in the Student Organization Marketplace after receiving university approval yesterday.

“We are starting an official Iowa State channel for funding, so we can increase our outreach to target the campus and outside of it,” Rehman said. “We would have Iowa State and Pakistan Student Association backing us, showing support and creating a stronger connection with the community for wider outreach.”

The Pakistan Student Association is working to create a booth for an in-person fundraising opportunity but is waiting for the university’s approval.

“To survive this life-threatening flooding, Pakistan urgently needs assistance,” Sherazi said. “We ask that you consider donating whatever is feasible to help the humans in need in a flood-devastated Pakistan.”

To donate to the Pakistan Student Association’s relief fund, click here.