Gridiron Staff Picks: CyHawk


Tyler Coe

Cyclones line up for an extra point during Iowa State’s 42-10 win over Southeast Missouri State on Sept. 3.

Andrew Harrington, sports editor (1-0)

Iowa 23, Iowa State 17

The Cyclones have faced two major hurdles over the last couple of years. The first hurdle was offensive struggles in the opening week, and the team got passed that, putting up 42 points.

The other hurdle is the six-game losing streak that the Cyclones currently have against the Hawkeyes.

If you would have asked me a week ago I would have told you that taking the Hawkeyes is a no-brainer; however, Iowa’s offense looked extremely stagnant against South Dakota State, scoring only three offensive points.

I have Iowa coming away with this game in a close one because I like the experience the Hawkeyes have in these games compared to a Cyclone team that hasn’t played in Iowa City since 2018.

Hailey Dohnal, assistant sports editor (1-0)

Iowa State 13, Iowa 10

Agreeing with my colleague and boss, Kate Kealey, Iowa State will definitely be taking the CyHawk series win this weekend. 

Coming off a big win, I feel that the Cyclones will bring that energy to Iowa City and use what we saw in the previous game to put up points. However, I don’t think it will be a blowout win like the game against Southeast Missouri State. Although Iowa is coming off of a low-scoring game, they will be in their home territory making it that much easier to win. Iowa State is also on a losing streak against the Hawkeyes. 

Nonetheless, my envision is that it will be a close game but that the Cyclones will come out on top with a last-second field goal. It’s time for it to be a Cyclone state and break the streak. Roll Clones. 

Christian Royston, sports reporter (1-0)

Iowa 14, Iowa State 10

As much as I want to give Iowa State the win after seeing both teams’ season openers, I think the CyHawk game will be a sort of reset. 

Iowa State looked great against Southeast Missouri State, but how much can we really gather from that game when it was expected to be an easy win for the Cyclones? One thing is for sure, Hunter Dekkers looks the part.

On the other hand, Iowa looked downright bad against South Dakota State. Putting up only seven points, with over half coming from safeties, isn’t great for a team where the offense is consistently raising questions. However, the Hawkeye defense did look great.

When it comes down to it, this could be Iowa State’s best year to pull out a win, which would end the nearly decade-long drought. This game is going to be competitive from start to finish, as it always is, but in the end I think the Iowa defense will be able to put a lid on the explosive Iowa State offense. Not only that, my gut is telling me that Iowa State is going to find a way to lose, which seems to be par for the course in the CyHawk series.

Kate Kealey, editor-in-chief

Iowa State 17, Iowa 3

Even as a person who could care less about sports, I have always found Hawkeye fans to be one of the most obnoxious breed of beings the state of Iowa has to claim. 

So my belief that our Clones will pull through on Saturday is one rooted in bias, but there is some reasoning behind it other than hatred. 

Iowa State is coming off a strong win against SEMO. This momentum will not only carry over for the team but for the fans. All week in passing I have heard students talk about making the trip to Iowa City. For the last three years (excluding quarantine year) we have had to deal with the Hawkeyes tainting Ames for CyHawk. 

Now, it’s payback time. 

Few of the CyHawk games Iowa State has won against Iowa were in Iowa City. So who’s to say we can’t do it again? Regardless of what happens, I know we Cyclones are fully ready for a good ol’ fuck the Hawks screaming match – or at least I sure am.