Engineers, architects find time for music with Jazz at the M-Shop

Senior Daniel Ansong drums out the beat as he helps to open the act for at the M-shop on Sep 12.

Averi Baudler

Most students who are involved in band in high school feel the need to give up their love of music once they arrive at college and begin pursuing their major.

Iowa State, however, offers a class that many may not know about that allows students to continue their love of music and performance into their college years.

Jazz at the M-Shop is a jazz show that occurs twice a semester and features students from James Bovinette’s jazz entrepreneurship class.

The show will feature three different groups of students that will each play a 25 to 30 minute set of music.

The students, who have been preparing for this performance since the beginning of the semester, are almost all members of the ISU Jazz Ensemble who have signed up for this entrepreneurship class to learn how to promote themselves as musicians.

“We’ve got two big bands that play on different nights during the semester, but the entrepreneurship class is a business class,” Bovinette said. “It’s uniquely different than just signing up for jazz band.”

Though the students that make up these groups are all talented musicians, the majority are not pursuing music as their major.

“Most of these guys are in all the disciplines all over campus,” Bovinette said. “They’re engineers, they’re business school guys, they’re architects and design students, and they’re great musicians.”

Adam Lappin, a freshman majoring in aerospace engineering, has enjoyed the class so far and claims that it feels like so much more than just a jazz band.

“It feels amazing to get to experience the feelings of a professional jazz musician, like the pressure of getting a gig together in just a couple takes,” Lappin said. “It means a lot to be able to experience this first hand and have the excitement of performing with such fantastic musicians.”

Bovinette said the entrepreneurship class gives students the opportunity to find ways of staying in music even though they do not plan on making it their livelihood and believes that most student musicians tend to excel in all facets of their academics.

“Iowa State is unique in the fact that we have so many talented students who played music in high school,” Bovinette said. “I believe that this university also has some of the brightest kids in Iowa… it’s a strong school academically so it goes hand in hand that the students are creative and that they can do many things.”

Jazz at the M-Shop may seem like just another jazz show, but the student groups who will be performing have decided to continue to make music a priority amidst their hectic schedules and academic obligations. While working on degrees or scientific research, these student somehow manage to find the time to come together in performance.

Bovinette said that one of the most exciting parts of the show is getting to see his students showcase talents that their peers most likely weren’t aware of, and that people should come to support their friends and listen to great music.

“As you walk around campus every day, you know people but you don’t realize that they have this alter ego as these great performers,” Bovinette said. “You’ll be surprised, you’d never believe that this guy that was sitting in your chemistry class who you didn’t know could play anything is actually very, very good.”

Jazz at the M-Shop will take place at 7 p.m. Monday. Tickets are $3 at the door only.