Gridiron Staff Picks: Kansas State


Jacob Rice

Jaylin Noel during the game against Kansas on Oct. 1

Andrew Harrington, Sports Editor (2-3)

Kansas State 27, Iowa State 20

Iowa State desperately needs a win, but so do I. Some would argue that I need a correct prediction even worse than Iowa State needs a win.

But there is only one problem.

Only one of us is getting that win because I’m rolling with the Wildcats this week.

Adrian Martinez may not be the most flawless quarterback in college football, but he has shown that he has the ability to get the job done, and he will do so once again.

The Iowa State defense will have an average performance, and the offense will not be able to keep up.

Hailey Dohnal, Assistant Sports Editor (3-2)

Iowa State 27, Kansas State 24

I’ve lost two in a row and really could use a win, just like I think the Cyclones are craving a win in the Big 12. I thought about choosing Kansas State this week, but I feel that if I did that, then Iowa State would win.

However, even though I am choosing Iowa State once again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kansas State took the dub.

Having Adrian Martinez as the Wildcat’s quarterback could be a challenge for the Iowa State offense. Nonetheless, Iowa State has had a strong defense, and if they can perform well, they should be able to stop Kansas State from putting points on the board.

I’ve discussed how I think Iowa State has all the right pieces to be great, but they are yet to use all those pieces at the same time.
Being back in Ames and at Jack Trice Stadium for a night game, I think this is the game where all the pieces come together.

Christian Royston, Sports Reporter (2-3)

Kansas State 21, Iowa State 17

I’m in the same boat as my cohorts here when it comes to picks. It seems Iowa State loses when I pick them and wins when I pick the other team.

To get back on track, I’m going with Kansas State this week. The Wildcats are ranked just below Kansas and ahead of Baylor, both teams the Cyclones struggled with this year.

The Wildcats’ offense should test the Cyclones on the ground, with Adrian Martinez being a tough player to keep out of the end zone. His powerful running could be an issue if Iowa State can’t lock him down.

Although home-field advantage will play in Iowa State’s favor, I think Kansas State is a more mature team currently. Iowa State’s inexperience and mistakes have shown through in each loss, and I’m not sure the Cyclones have yet to solve all the issues.
Only time will tell if Iowa State can make waves in the Big 12, but for now, I’m going with Kansas State.

Claire Hoppe, Voices Editor

Kansas State 24, Iowa State 21

I really have no idea what I am doing with this, but I do know one thing — I always think that Iowa State is going to win, but they rarely do (sorry, that was harsh), and I end up disappointed. I’m always on the edge of my seat during the games just to end up with a Cyclone loss.

So I’m going to be realistic; I think the Cyclones are going to lose. Yup, I don’t know why, but somehow the Cyclones will find a way to totally choke at the end of the game.