Horror Themed Cocktail Recipes For Halloween

Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a casual hangout with friends, themed cocktails are a great way to make any event more exciting. From the book “Mixology and Murder,” these drinks are based on cold cases, cults and infamous serial killers.

Infinite Love Punch
This fruity, champagne-based drink is inspired by the famous cult Apostles of Infinite Love. Although the cult wasn’t so lovely, this punch sure is.

2 ounces semi-dry champagne
1 ounce ginger beer
1 ounce pomegranate juice
½ ounce orange juice

Add champagne, ginger beer, pomegranate juice and orange juice in a glass, then stir together.
Prepare a rocks glass by pressing two orange wheels against the sides and adding ice.
Pour the mixture into the glass, then serve.

Helter Skelter Sangria
Attributed to the Manson Murders, the phrase “Helter Skelter” was popularized by this infamous serial killer. This sangria recipe is perfect for all wine and fruit lovers.

4 ounces dry red wine
½ ounce brady
½ ounce orange liquor
1 ounce orange juice
½ ounce lemon juice
1 teaspoon of sugar (optional)
1 apple slice, chopped
1 orange slice, chopped

Add a handful of ice to a wine glass.
Mix the wine, brandy, orange liquor, orange juice and lemon juice, then pour into the glass.
Add optional sugar if desired.
Place the apple and orange slices in the glass, then serve.

Chi-Chi Chowchilla
The Chowchilla bus kidnapping is a rare true crime story where all the victims were able to escape. To match the happy ending of this event, the Chi-Chi Chowchilla cocktail is full of fresh and bright flavors.

½ cup ice
2 ounces vodka
2 ounces pineapple juice
1 ounce cream of coconut
¼ cup fresh pineapple, cubed
Fresh pineapple wedge for garnish

Add the ice, vodka, pineapple juice, cream of coconut and fresh pineapple into a blender and blend until smooth.
Pour the mixture into a glass and add ice.
Top with a fresh pineapple wedge, then serve.

Skeleton in the Closet
This drink is named after the mystery of Dorian Corey, a woman who was discovered to actually have a skeleton in her closet. This bourbon and ginger beer-based drink is certainly bone-chilling.

1 ½ ounces bourbon
1 ounce elderflower liqueur
½ ounce fresh lemon juice
4 ounces ginger beer
6 dashes bitters
Lemon slice for garnish

Fill a glass with ice.
In this order, add the bourbon, elderflower liqueur and lemon juice.
Top off the rest of the glass with ginger beer and add bitters on top.
Stir, then garnish with a lemon slice.