News Engagement Day: Covering all aspects of our community

Caitlin Yamada

I started in journalism because I loved to write, hated math and wanted to change the world.

When I started college, I jumped from major to major. I started as English, decided to do sociology, became really interested in women and gender studies, and sophomore year, I decided to try a journalism class.

As many of my fellow co-workers, my first time learning about the Iowa State Daily was when Mark Witherspoon spoke in my class. I never thought about writing for a paper until that moment and decided, why not? It was worth a shot. I joined the Daily without a single idea of what I was doing or what I wanted to do.

Now, a year later, I have realized journalism is my passion and it allows me to encompass everything I love; writing, videography, photography and making a difference.

For me, the media industry is here for more than just informing the public on what is happening in the world and in their community. It is also to show people that they are not the only ones experiencing the things they are experiencing.

Every single person has an identity and that identity matters. It is our job, as the media, to make sure we are covering all aspects of our community and this includes these identities.

If one person reads a story and thinks “I didn’t realize other people were experiencing the same thing I am” that is enough for me.

Now, as the new editor of diversity I am able to encourage my reporters to fulfill this same idea.