Letter: A former Democratic state senator’s call for students to vote


Bolkcom is former senator for the Iowa Legislature and served six years on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.

Joe Bolkcom

Hey Student Body,  

Sorry to bug you. Icky politician here.  

I keep reading you are not voting on November 8. Good call, you got so much going on I know.   

No worries. Republicans want to force you (or your girlfriend) to be pregnant and have a baby. I know it’s gross. Republicans trying to stop President Biden’s plan to cut your student loan debt. No way? Republicans don’t think racism exists so stop talking about it. So wrong. Republicans say climate change is a hoax. Finally, some good news.  

It’s hard being a student. Classes. Homework. Hanging out. You are too busy getting prepared to inherit a really screwed up world to vote. Dude, that like makes total sense.  

Go Cyclones!