M-Shop hosts drag queen trivia night


Students of PR 424 are sponsoring a drag trivia event at the M-Shop.

Popular drag queen, Coco from Big Wigs bar, will be the host of trivia night at the Maintenance Shop. Students from the class PR 424, Public Relations Campaign, are sponsoring this event as a way to connect the Iowa State and LGBTQ communities.

Trivia night will be held from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and is free and open to all students. This is part of the class’ campaign D.R.A.G, Dedicated to Rising Against Gender Violence.

“Trivia is a fun and usually intimidating activity for students to participate in,” said Kelly Snawerdt, a senior in public relations. “We thought it could be a great vehicle to bring up important issues to an audience that may not know about this targeted violence in an environment that doesn’t seem too formal or overbearing.”

Those who are a part of the LGBTQ community face high rates of hate crimes and violence, according to LGBTMAP. Hate crimes differ from other crimes because they are meant to bring fear to an entire group of people.

Questions for trivia will all fall under the theme of LGBTQ resources and education. Coco will also be promoting campus resources and their campaign website.

“This trivia night will entail questions that bring up the issues of targeted violence against LGBTQ students and people, and teams will have to try to understand why these issues are happening during the whole event,” Snawerdt said.

The D.R.A.G. campaign is part of Invent2Prevent Program, a national competition. This is a learning and competitive program for high school and college students to create initiatives to advocate against targeted violence in specific communities.

Along with LGBTQ resources and education being provided, students from PR 424 aim to demonstrate how people who are not a part of this community can be an ally to those who are.

Prizes will be given to winners, including Starbucks and Target gift cards. Snawerdt expects 60-80 students in attendance.

“We will welcome anyone wanting to learn more about who we are with open arms and some free D.R.A.G. goodies,” Snawerdt said.

Before trivia, there will be a pop-up event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Memorial Union. They will have T-shirts, D.R.A.G. mugs and other promotional items available.