Ames Police Department December activity report


Jacob Rice

Ames Police vehicle outside of the police station.

Mackenzie Bodell, Senior Reporter

The Ames Police Department’s December activity report statistics stayed relatively the same despite Iowa State students leaving for winter break. 

Summary statistics:

  • Year-to-date calls for service: 28,445
  • December calls for service: 2,286
  • December arrests/charges: 95
  • December citations: 186
  • December use of force incidents: 8
  • December accidents: 141
  • December written warnings: 98
  • Total estimated damage: $662,850

December calls for service remained the same as in November at 2,268 calls. There were three more arrests/charges compared to 92 in November. Citation numbers also rose from 164 in November. There were also eight use-of-force incidents in both December and November. There were 115 accidents in November compared to 141 in December. Written warnings totaled 81 in November. 

“We don’t see a huge difference in the total number of calls for service that we take,” said Ames Police Chief Geoff Huff. “I think a lot of people are surprised to hear that.”

In November, the total estimated damage was $552,000. The total estimated damage is calculated by an officer’s best judgment on any damage caused by accidents. 

The department sees that number increase during winter due to bumpers cracking more easily in lower temperatures. Despite a higher estimated damage, there is typically not an increase in reports with injuries. 

The report also included an overview of December training and outreach and engagement. 

All of the Ames PD officers completed implicit bias training in December. Along with that, the officers participated in AED, CPR and Narcan training. 

“I think that it’s important for people to see all of the ongoing training that happens around the police department,” Huff said. 

The department is working on outreach and engagement for the betterment of the community. They work to make sure people know what resources are available to them and where to find them. The youth and mental health are two things that make the biggest impact on the Ames community, Huff said. 

“We’re all safer the closer we work together on solving problems,” Huff said. “That’s why we spend a lot of time on outreach and engagement, especially around youth and mental health.”

The full report by the Ames Police Department can be found here