Students explore opportunities for innovation on campus


Jack McClellan

Some students had the opportunity to test out the digital media workshop’s podcasting studio during the Student Innovation Center housewarming event.

A building-wide scavenger hunt allowed students and faculty to explore the Student Innovation Center (SICTR) at the housewarming party Thursday afternoon.

Participants were able to bring home their own embroidered key chain and more giveaway items as the doors of the Student Innovation Center’s shops and studios opened to students and faculty.

The event ran from 3:30-6:30 p.m., promoting the resources, classrooms, Makerspaces and workshops.

Mekena Little, a senior in graphic design who was working at the housewarming event, said she hoped the event would promote and spread awareness to students that anyone is able to utilize the Student Innovation Center.

“We’re just trying to spread information about our Makerspaces and it feels like a lot of people don’t know what this building has to offer,” Little said. “We’re trying to take this opportunity to show students the opportunities they have here whether you’re an engineer, a design student, or you want to pitch an idea we have here.”

As students filtered in and out of the numerous rooms with food samples, cookies, hot cocoa and giveaways, many expressed interest in the Makerspace demonstrations, including the heavy metal shop.

Jon Hamborg, the heavy metal shop supervisor, said he was excited for students to be able to get to know Student Innovation Center and see the different resources available.

A group of students pictured while chatting after completing the housewarming scavenger hunt. (Jack McClellan)

“To see the building and all of the great things we have to offer and to get them into space, see all of the machines, and increase exposure so they know all of this is available and we’re here to help you succeed,” Hamborg said.

Hamborg encouraged students who were not able to attend the event to look into the different spaces and the different opportunities.

“If they haven’t seen it and they want to come in and see what’s available we’ll help them complete their projects you know and discuss the things they do want to accomplish,” Hamborg said.

Vy Huynh, a senior majoring in management information systems, said she went to the previous event at Student Innovation Center, enjoyed her time and took advantage of the resources in the building.

“I am interested to look around and see all of the things I didn’t know were here,” Huynh said.

The event included free giveaways, games and free food. Participants were able to take home a tote bag of items and snack on gelato samples from the ISU creamery.

Charlie Goldstein, a junior in mechanical engineering, was interested to see all of the different spaces the building has to offer.

“I haven’t used them [Makerspaces] but I hear there’s 3D printers and I’m interested in those,” Goldstein said.

The event drew in a diverse crowd of students, staff and faculty who were able to get a better look into what opportunities Student Innovation Center has to offer.