Indigo De Souza headlines annual KURE Fest


Nicole Hasek

Indigo De Souza headlining KURE Fest in the Great Hall.

Allegra Hernandez, Hot Kunch and Indigo De Souza performed their indie rock hits during a free concert at the annual KURE Fest on Friday, Feb. 4 in the Great Hall.

Headliner Indigo De Souza is a singer-songwriter and guitar player who played 13 songs with her band, consisting of two guitarists, a drummer and a violinist. She currently has over 700 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

Between the band’s high-energy performance and constant showing of appreciation to their fans, it seemed that the crowd immediately fell in love with this alternative artist.

During the show, she had merchandise available for sale, which is also available on her website. According to Jack Studier, KURE general manager and senior in community and regional planner, all of the proceeds go directly to the artist.

“Indigo was an artist that seemed like we’d get and was definitely someone who would be a big draw, someone who a lot of people at the station had liked,” Studier said.

KURE, the student-run alternative radio station, has been hosting KURE Fest annually since 2009, with the exception of 2020 and 2021. Their first KURE Fest was in 2005 in the basement of Friley, but they quickly learned they needed to upgrade the show.

Hernandez, who identifies as a “guitarist, songwriter, non-binary rocker,” was the first performer of the night. They showed appreciation for the crowd by high-fiving the fans from the stage and individually telling them, “I appreciate you.” They also had merchandise for sale, which is available on their website.

“I have music everywhere. Except Amazon Music, because I really don’t like Amazon,” Hernandez said during their set.

Hernandez emphasized the importance of respecting pronouns and identities before performing “Use My Fkn Pronouns” from their newest album, “Gift Exchange.”

Allegra Hernandez was the first act of KURE Fest. (Nicole Hasek)

Every member of the second act, Hot Kunch, graduated from Iowa State and has been performing for seven years, often in Ames. This set was a mix of original music and covers, including “Bad Romance,” “Dog Days Are Over,” “Keep on Dancin’” and “September.”

“This was just sick,” said guitarist Justin Booth. “We’ve been in and out of Ames, we’ve been all around it, and to come back and have it be like that was sick.”

Hot Kunch consists of all Iowa State alumni, and they were apart of Genres. (Nicole Hasek )

During the set, Booth joined the crowd to play in the middle of the floor, advancing the already high energy the band was giving.

“We play Ames a lot, mostly in like house shows and stuff like that, and having someplace where you can actually hear everyone, and it be like a real venue is really nice,” said drummer Michael EnTin.

KURE is an alternative station and can be listened to by tuning the radio to station 88.5.