Women’s fashion tips for cold winters


Courtesy of Unsplash

Neutral-colored sweaters and turtlenecks are wardrobe staples in winter fashion.

Even during the wicked winter months, many dream of walking out of the door looking as flawless as Cameron Diaz in, “The Holiday.” However, it’s hard when your biggest concern is walking to class without getting frostbite.

What can feel like even more of a hassle is trying to enjoy the nightlife when the temperature is as outrageously low as it can be in the middle of Iowa in February. In these situations, carrying around a big winter coat is not ideal, especially when it comes to looking and feeling your best in your stylish outfit.

Combining a few layering tricks with this season’s trends allows anyone to look their best while staying warm.

Warm base

Begin your layering journey with a button-up, long-sleeve blouse. Add an oversized sweater or sweater vest to add trendiness and warmth.

Believe it or not, turtlenecks are in again. Play around with a tight, high-necked knit top or sweater to add proportionate features to your look.

When it comes to bottoms in the winter, you can’t go wrong with classic straight-cut jeans. Easily paired with any of the above options, you’ll be cute, comfy and warm with this wardrobe staple. Some may opt for a pair of bootcut jeans, a look that is becoming trendier by the day.

Fitted bootcut trousers are going crazy in the winter fashion world right now. Paired with a thin belt and accessorized with light jewelry, you can’t go wrong. Style with your favorite top for a flawless, professional look.


Boots are an easy way to dress up an outfit and perhaps the easiest way to harvest all the warmth you can get in the winter. Doc Marten platform boots have been on the rise for quite some time now, and they’re not going anywhere for a while.

Chelsea boots have been a hot conversation lately, too. Both options make it easy to layer up with your warmest, most insulated socks on those brutal Iowa days.

If you’re not into the whole boot scene, classic sneakers will get the job done just as well. The Adidas Samba Leather Shoe and the New Balance 550 are great options.

In most cases, the right sneakers can add to an outfit just as much as a pair of boots.

Bundle up!

If there’s one thing you need to know about jackets this winter season, it’s that oversized blazers are the go-to item. Easily layered over sweater vests, turtlenecks and anything warm you can get your hands on, oversized blazers are an easy grab to style up your outfit in a professional and trendy way.

Tweed blazers are a versatile way to add fun patterns, colors and insulation. Some extra advice: lean toward shades of brown and tan these next few months.

Leather biker jackets have been popping up more and more this winter. An easy way to spice up a look, many biker jackets have a clasp around that neck that fit well with the turtleneck look and add that much more to an outfit.

Lean toward an aviator jacket if you’re feeling like shooting for more of a vintage look.

“Aviator jackets are typically leather or suede on the outside and sherpa or faux fur on the inside, making for a perfect winter coat,” said Trinity Heeren, assistant buyer for Kohls’ Nine West, a women’s workwear-focused brand. “Aviator jackets come in longer, mid-length styles that will provide more warmth but also look cute, giving that 70s classic look to your outfit.”

Peacoats are another staple that will easily dress up your outfit while sheltering you from the cold in style.


Now that you’re covered head-to-toe, add warm accessories you’ll be grateful for when you walk out the door.
Scarves are simple pieces that can add to an outfit and keep you all the warmer. Find a thick wool scarf that compliments the color scheme of your outerwear and tie it in a fun way to mix it up a bit with your day-to-day outfits.

Wear it baklava style, do a little wrap around or go for the classic tie to accessorize your outfit and bundle up for the cold.

Lately, stocking caps have been popular. Arguably the easiest hat to find and dress up, basic is better in this case. Finding a color that compliments what you already have going on will do wonders for an outfit.

People tend to forget that gloves can be a fashion statement too. Swap out your regular gloves you’ve had sitting around for years for a nice pair of leather gloves, which are known for being warm, to take your outfit up a notch and really make a statement.

Going out

Walking to and from the bars when it’s -25 degrees outside can almost make you not want to go. Not everyone wants to spend the night walking around a packed bar carrying a heavy-duty winter coat.

The alternative isn’t much better. Making the journey home at the end of the night in your cute but without-any-source-of-warmth-whatsoever outfit can be traumatizing.

You may ask yourself, “If I’m going to freeze all night, is it even worth it?” If you’re not freezing and still look cute, maybe it is. It can be as simple as adding the right winter jacket that compliments your outfit enough to the point where you enjoy wearing it.

“If you have a cute jacket, you’ll wear it. If it adds to the outfit, if it almost makes the outfit, you’ll wear it,” Heeren said.

Baby tees and baby long-sleeves are in right now and will comfortably fit under your going-out jacket with ease. Pair them with your favorite straight or bootcut jeans and pointed-toe boots and you’re all set for a cute and comfy night out.

Add to your typical going-out look with an asymmetrical top this season. Square necklines are taking the scene by storm. Easily pair your top with jeans, trousers or a mini-skirt (with tights, of course) for an effortless look.

Skirts are increasingly making their way into wardrobes everywhere. While maxis have been in style and continue to thrive this winter and upcoming spring, don’t be afraid to go for a shorter style this winter.

Complete it with tights, boots and your favorite leather jacket, and you’ll be able to brave the cold and enjoy flaunting your winter look with ease.