Braun runs to represent Iowa State fraternities


Courtesy of Erik Braun

Erik Braun, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, is running for the Interfraternity Council senate seat.

Erik Braun, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, has been serving as a senator representing the College of Engineering since Feb. 8 and is running for the Interfraternity Council (IFC) senate seat in Student Government.

Student Government is a student organization that exists to serve and represent all students according to the student organization database. Other student organizations can apply for funding through Student Government, which according to their website, has roughly $2.6 million in annual student fee revenue to distribute.

The Student Government elections will take place March 7-8. Ballots will be emailed to students’ Iowa State email addresses.

Why do you want to return to Student Government?

“I’m really new to this; I just began [my] current senator position probably about a month ago, and it sparked my interest when it got brought up that there was an available seat. I am really passionate about […] the greek community and helping throughout the Ames community and student body, and I feel like using my resources in the position I am currently [in] and then running for ISU senator can help benefit everyone and help benefit the greek community and student body.”

What was your biggest accomplishment while in Student Government?

“I would say it is just getting on the local affairs committee. That one was one that kind of just needed to get up and running, and I unfortunately wasn’t able to make the one meeting that they had so far this semester, but I sent in a lot of good input that is now going to be considered for the next meeting which is next week and for hopefully the future for the local student affairs committee.”

What are the biggest issues facing your constituents, and how will you address them?

“I believe the issue is, one, the stigma that goes with the greek community and, two, the amount of effort that a lot of organizations in the greek community put into the student body and the Ames community. I feel like there’s a lot more potential that can come out of the greek community just because there’s a lot of hard-working members that I believe need to go out and be a little bit more proactive, and I really want to run on just setting up opportunities, getting people more involved with, one, [Student Government], but also like college of student councils, more clubs in the university, and just get the greek community more active in getting that image back up to where it should be.”

What are your qualifications for being a senator?

“I am currently the president of my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi. I have also been a senator before even though it was a short term. I have learned a lot; I’m up to speed with everything, which is really nice.”

“I’ve asked a lot of questions. I’ve served a lot of positions within IFC, one as president and also as vice president of my fraternity. I’ve worked with the Ames government before when I was community service chair within my fraternity with setting up large-scale community service events and just getting better relations within the Ames government.”

Why should students vote for you?

“I believe that I can make a lot of change within the greek community. I believe I can be a very [good] voice of reason when it comes to getting people more opportunities to succeed beyond their organization, and I really want to be a very proactive senator when it comes to the bills and implementing more of the greek life policies and getting people more involved within the Ames community.”