Two LAS senators seeking second terms


Graphic by Biong Biong

Obi Agba, a junior majoring in political science (left), and Asray Gopa, a freshman majoring in computer science (right), are all running to fill the senate seats to represent the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences on the senate. All headshots were provided by the respective candidate..

Two candidates are running to represent the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for the Student Government senate. There are three seats total, leaving one vacancy.

Obi Agba, a junior majoring in political science, is currently serving in Student Government as a senator representing the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and is seeking a second term. 

Asray Gopa, a freshman majoring in computer science, is also a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences senator seeking reelection and entered the role on Nov. 16.

Student Government is a student organization that exists to serve and represent all students according to the student organization database. Other student organizations can apply for funding through Student Government, which according to their website, have roughly $2.6 million in annual student fee revenue to distribute.

The Student Government elections will take place March 7-8. Ballots will be emailed to students’ Iowa State email addresses.

Why do you want to return to Student Government?


“Student Government is a great opportunity for students to be able to work with other students and other student organizations to be able to collaborate and provide funding sources for students that need it.”


“I believe Student Government is a place where you can make actually make a difference. There’s a lot of money going around, so we can bring in new bills that would help students in general–like I’m starting up this new bill which would help students get free or subsidized tutoring.” 

“There’s a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus, and that’s what I want to do. I want to get involved for the students, help the students and help the student body in general.”

What was your biggest accomplishment while in Student Government?


“I am currently working on some bills. My tenure has actually been really short; I have talked to the current [Student Government] presidential candidates, and they have said even if I am not there, we would continue with the bills I am writing. My tutoring bill–I want to start a database for things that are free like we have so many free resources like tech lending in the library, [and] we have free Grammarly. My roommate just found out we have free Grammarly premium yesterday, and I really think we have way too many resources that will help students. We [have] got to let the students know that we have those resources and they can use it anytime. 


“I think my biggest accomplishment has been […] working with a lot of multicultural organizations providing them funding. Last semester I had written a bill for the Black Homecoming event, which was kind of like this celebration of Black joy, and a lot of students came. I think it was extremely successful.”

What are the biggest issues facing your constituents, and how will you address them?


“I think the biggest issue is miscommunication and just not being able to have students act on their goals and any obstructions that come with that. The way that I plan to address it is to be able to create this interconnected resource hub that allows students to reach out for assistance on whatever goals or plans that they wish to see and be able to give them guidance and help along the way.”


“Like I said before–resources. We have a ton of resources and nobody really uses them to the maximum potential, and that’s something that needs to change. Get rid of the stigma around some things like tutoring and [supplemental instruction]. Get students the help they actually need and give them the resources they want and need.”

What are your qualifications for being a senator?


“Since I’m a freshman, I haven’t had much involvement on campus, but I do have some involvement on campus right now. I’m a volunteer/member for the Student Union Board. I am involved with the badminton club. I am very involved with entrepreneurship; I am in the entrepreneurship club and entrepreneurial product development club. I am in the president’s leadership class, and I’m also on the ISU PD advisory board.”


“I’ve kind of been involved with a lot of student organizations. I’m also a liberal arts and sciences dean student advisory council delegate, which is basically within LAS I kind of help facilitate discussions between faculty and students but more particularly within Student Government. I have helped go through numerous bills and rewrites, especially with the bylaws within the rules committee. I just think that I would like to continue giving my assistance where I can.”

Why should students vote for you?


“I’ve been involved with the Iowa State student body for a while now. Right now I am the vice chair on the diversity equity and inclusion committee, the local affairs DEI vice chair. In my department–the department of political science–I am the faculty DEI committee student representative. My big thing is being able to represent students who are underprivileged, minoritized communities and to be able to give those students a voice on the higher ups.”


“I will be a strong advocate for their rights. I will honestly fight for them because that’s something I believe I can do. There’s $2.6 million being accredited to the Student Government every year, and I believe that sometimes we spend it in great ways but sometimes students don’t know about the ways we’re spending it. I will fight for their rights, and I’ll be a strong advocate for students’ rights.”