Where to spend your time in Ames for a well-deserved break

Main Street is in Downtown Ames and home to an array of unique and local shops.

Autumn Graybill

Main Street is in Downtown Ames and home to an array of unique and local shops.

Staying on campus and finding one’s groove around the busy college lifestyle can be exhilarating and fulfilling, but everyone deserves a much-needed break.

Walker Rice, a sophomore in biology, encourages students to change their scenery when possible.

“When I stay on campus for long amounts of time, I tend to go a bit stir-crazy,” Rice said. “Going to a town nearby to do some shopping and just get away, or even getting off campus and taking a walk or something like that can be beneficial.”

With so much going on in the routine of students, finding a place to begin this quest for rest can seem overwhelming. Main Street, Ames carries multiple answers to this loaded question and is just a CyRide away. The Red route goes by Main Street on Fifth Street, stopping a block away from Dog-Eared Books.

Dog-Eared Books, a very popular bookstore located on the vibrant stretch of Main Street, serves as a great escape from the stressors of day-to-day activities. Customers of Dog-Eared Books can jump into storylines varying from thrillers, self-help books, fiction and books by authors gaining large amounts of attraction on social media, such as Colleen Hoover. With so many genres to explore, Dog-Eared Books can be just the thing to get outside of oneself for a bit.

“You can definitely tell it has an urban feel and is for college-aged people and I think the prices are pretty good for what you’re getting,” said Sophie Gram, a freshman in animal science.

Dog-Eared Books’ warm and urban aesthetic welcomes all shoppers searching for comfort. Customers may also have the pleasure of encountering a furry friend in the store as they enter.

Opportunities to get away do not cease at Dog-Eared Books. Gram advises students to look around the area and make camp at Caribou Coffee for a new study space; the large bakery items are more than suitable for a group of hungry friends.

“I also enjoy going to The Loft when I drive over to Main Street, and I’ll stop by Sweet Caroline’s if I’m in the mood for good food,” Gram said.

Furthermore, apparel stores like Kaylee, carrying trendy feminine outfits, and Moorman Clothiers, which carries a selection of name-brand Lululemon pieces varying in styles and colors, can be great options for shoppers looking for variety in the Ames area.

Ames, Main Street is just the answer for students looking for a light-hearted breath of entertainment and enjoyment.

“Make a day out of it,” Rice said. “It can be a great thing to do with a few friends, especially when you’re trying to break out of your weekly routines.”