BREAKING: Information Technology Services announces campus network restored


Katherine Kealey

Information Technology Services also replaced 5,000 access points in the residence halls during the 2021-2022 school year.

Katherine Kealey, Editor in Chief

Network services on campus were restored at 2:09 p.m. Wednesday after areas on Iowa State campus experienced a disruption, which prevented users to log into certain systems.

At 7:52 a.m. there was a service disruption, according to Iowa State’s IT service page. From 8 a.m. until 12:44 p.m., information technology service technicians were investigating the disconnection and trouble shooting the outage. By 1:16 p.m., the technicians discovered a suspected network flow and isolated it from the campus network, allowing service to be restored shortly after.

Kylie Albertsen, a junior in accounting, discovered the wifi was not working when she arrived to her job with the Campus Organizations Accounting Office at 8 a.m.

Albertsen said her work uses Canvas and Work Day, neither of  which could be accessed due to the disruption. Albertsen said she is thankful the outage did not impact their studies because she did not have any assignments or midterms due before spring break.

“My roommate was freaking out because she leaves for spring break like tonight [Wednesday],” Albertsen said. “They planned ahead to get it done before they were leaving and now it’s like ‘oh sorry,'” Albertsen said.

According to a tweet from Iowa State Information Technology Services, the disruption was due to issues with the regional internet provider. Albertsen said over the last two years she has been at Iowa State, she has experienced slow WiFi on campus or spotty signal.

The campus blood drive was also happening during the outage. Will Cooper, a junior in finance, is one of the three directors of the blood drive. He said the American Red Cross has check-in computers, which were down due to the disruption. To continue getting donors checked in, the blood drive used their supervisors hotspot on her phone. Cooper said the outage did not slow down the process excessively.